Fueling Innovation: The Top 15 Oil and Gas Startups Revolutionizing London’s Energy Landscape

December 8, 2023

1. BunkerEx: A New World for Marine Fuel

Website: BunkerEx
BunkerEx is leading the charge in revolutionizing marine fuel. Based in London, this company is redefining how marine fuel is sourced and traded, marking a significant shift in the industry.

2. MapStand: Mapping the Future of Oil and Gas

Website: MapStand
MapStand’s web-mapping platform is a game-changer in visualizing oil and gas assets. Their comprehensive approach integrates datasets, news, and activities, making them a key player in industry analysis.

3. Supercritical: Paving the Way to a Zero-Carbon Future

Website: Supercritical
Supercritical’s innovative approach utilizes electrolyzers to produce hydrogen and oxygen, emphasizing their commitment to a sustainable, zero-carbon future.

4. STRYDE: Visualizing the Subsurface

Website: STRYDE
STRYDE’s groundbreaking technology offers unparalleled insights into the subsurface of any terrain, providing valuable data critical for exploration and development in the oil and gas sector.

5. World Kinect Energy Services: Global Energy Management

Website: World Kinect Energy Services
Managing a significant portion of global energy demands, World Kinect Energy Services is a key player in fuel and energy management, setting the standard for operational excellence.

6. Onyx Capital Group: Expertise in Oil Derivatives and Trading

Website: Onyx Capital Group
Specializing in proprietary trading and oil derivatives, Onyx Capital Group represents a sophisticated approach to market dynamics and financial strategies in the energy sector.

7. Cognitive Business: AI for Industrial Learning

Website: Cognitive Business
Cognitive Business is at the forefront of AI solutions, transforming how the industrial world interacts with and learns from data, thereby enhancing decision-making processes in the oil and gas industry.

8. Assala Energy: Exploring and Producing Oil with Precision

Website: Assala Energy
Focused on oil exploration and production, Assala Energy is contributing significantly to meeting global energy demands through efficient and sustainable practices.

9. Regulativ.ai: Automation and Intelligence Redefined

Website: Regulativ.ai
Regulativ.ai introduces a new era of automation and intelligence in the oil and gas industry, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency through innovative technology.

10. BLOC-X: Transforming OTC Oil Trading

Website: BLOC-X
BLOC-X’s electronic trading software is revolutionizing OTC Oil Block Future markets, significantly reducing transaction costs and bringing a new level of transparency to the industry.

11. Kistos: Investment and Innovation in Hydrocarbon Production

Website: Kistos
As an investment firm, Kistos is making strides in offshore and onshore hydrocarbon production, energy storage, and generation, marking its presence as an innovative force in the industry.

12. DeepWaters AI: AI-Driven Water Solutions

Website: DeepWaters AI
DeepWaters AI’s unique use of satellite data and AI for water management, including underground drinking water and pipe leak detection, highlights its innovative approach in the energy sector.

13. Arq Group: Turning Mining Waste into Value

Website: Arq Group
Arq Group is redefining waste management by transforming mining waste into high-value advanced carbons, thus contributing to more sustainable practices in the oil and gas industry.

14. Bow Resources: Specializing in Energy Manpower Solutions

Website: Bow Resources
Focused on providing manpower solutions in the energy market, Bow Resources plays a critical role in supporting the renewable energy, oil, and gas sectors with specialized talent.

15. n3rgy: Leading the Digital Energy Transformation

Website: n3rgy
n3rgy is at the forefront of digital services in the transforming energy market, offering innovative solutions and guidance to businesses navigating the evolving landscape of the energy sector.

These 15 companies, with their unique approaches and innovative solutions, are not just participating in London’s

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