Global Travellers Seek Intra-Regional Summer Getaways: Data

June 15, 2023

s summer approaches, reports an uptick in global travel bookings from eager holiday-goers. Their data indicates that summer travel bookings for the period from June 1 to August 31 have already exceeded those of 2019, with intra-regional travel playing a significant role.

According to, summer bookings on their platform have surged by 170% compared to the same period in 2022. In the Asia-Pacific region, where travel restrictions have eased, summer bookings have seen a staggering 356% YoY increase. European markets have also experienced a 72% YoY rise in bookings for this summer.

Short-Haul Trips Take the Spotlight

Short-haul regional tours have emerged as the preferred choice this summer, with 44% of all bookings in Asia and over half in Europe (67%) accounting for short-distance flights. Conversely, long-haul summer travel in Europe has dropped significantly from 48% in 2019 to 13% in 2023. In Asia, the percentage has slightly increased from 22% in 2019 to 27%.

Top 10 most booked cities among Asian travellers include Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Taipei, indicating a focus on closer-to-home travel. Similarly, European travellers are predominantly choosing European cities like London, Barcelona, Madrid, and Paris, with Bangkok being the sole non-European destination on the list.

However, European users are not ruling out long-haul travel altogether.’s search data reveals that users are looking up hotels in Asian and Middle Eastern destinations such as Bali, Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Marrakech.

Ray Chen, CEO of the Hotel Business Unit, Group, stated, “As flights and hotel capacity continue to increase, and the global industry is better prepared for welcoming back international travellers, we can expect a faster return of long-distance travel in the near future.”

Emerging Destinations and Unique Travel Experiences

Emerging destinations, particularly coastal cities and islands, are attracting users. Fuerteventura Island, Lanzarote and Santander in Spain, and Kefalonia in Greece are among the fastest-growing destinations this summer. More travellers are also venturing to remote or rural areas, with unique cultural landmarks and landscapes in places like Lijiang in China and Shimukappu Mura in Japan seeing increased popularity.

In Asia, large-scale music events and theme parks are drawing travellers. New theme parks opening in the region, such as the “Making of Harry Potter” in Tokyo, are adding to the appeal.

“Indeed, most travellers have chosen intra-regional getaways this summer, but that doesn’t mean they will have less fun. Travellers this summer are seeking unique and mind-blowing travel experiences that they missed for the past three years,” remarked Han Feng, Senior Marketing Director of

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