Greensleeves Care Kickstarts Guerrilla Campaign to Dispel Care Home Misconceptions

July 6, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Greensleeves Care has initiated a community outreach campaign called “Keys to Open Minds” to challenge and debunk myths about care home life.
  • The campaign utilizes wooden keys with tags carrying myth-busting facts, which are placed in public spaces across England.
  • The initiative is prompted by a survey from Greensleeves Care showing a high level of satisfaction among care home residents.

About Greensleeves Care and “Keys to Open Minds”

London-based not-for-profit care organization, Greensleeves Care, has launched an innovative community outreach campaign—Keys to Open Minds—to debunk misconceptions about life in care homes.

The guerrilla-style campaign involves teams and residents from Greensleeves Care’s homes across the country. They place sustainably-produced wooden keys with tags carrying messages that address common misconceptions around care homes in public areas, landmarks, and businesses, with the aim of encouraging conversations and promoting a more accurate understanding of care home life. The campaign invites people to join the conversation on social media under the hashtag #KeysToOpenMinds and to visit their local Greensleeves Care home for firsthand experiences.

Addressing the Gap in Understanding Care Home Life

The campaign comes after a customer satisfaction survey across Greensleeves Care’s 28 homes in England revealed that 93% of the responding residents are satisfied with their care, challenging the often negative public perception of care homes.

One resident, 81-year-old Margaret from East Suffolk, shared her personal experience of transitioning to a care home, which she initially dreaded. Now, after three years, she finds the staff supportive and caring and feels she still retains control over her life and has a purpose.

The Motivation Behind the Campaign

Shona King, Director of Business Development at Greensleeves Care, highlighted that the main goal of the campaign is to improve conversations around care homes, reduce associated stigma, and encourage people to rethink their preconceived notions.

“Misconceptions around care homes abound – from the quality of the food to how residents are supported to live with dignity. As our own data shows, the reality is that for the vast majority of residents, care homes are a positive, much-valued chapter in people’s journey through later life,” King said.

The campaign will be supported by online content addressing the top seven myths of care homes and will continue beyond Care Home Open Week through public presentations and events. With this initiative, Greensleeves Care aims to help families seeking specialized, 24-hour care for their loved ones feel confident and empowered in their decision-making process.

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