Head of Feddie Ocean Distillery wins two 2023 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards

June 19, 2023

Business Worldwide Magazine has twice honoured the CEO of Feddie Ocean Distillery. Martin Halberg received two accolades at the 2023 CEO Awards: ‘Most Innovative CEO in the Spirits Industry’ and ‘Europe‘ & ‘Visionary CEO of the Year, Norway‘.

The awards aim to name and celebrate the business world’s most inspirational leaders, across a variety of sectors. Unlike other business awards which focus on the overall success of companies, here the spotlight is on the unique individuals that lead them. The purpose is to give inspirational people the recognition they deserve while motivating others to achieve similar successes.

Establishing a distillery from an oceanic island location accessible only by ferry requires an ambitious vision. Martin Hallberg, CEO of Feddie Ocean Distillery, has brought the vision of a remote Norwegian island to the food and drink industry. Fedje island is a picturesque gem which was once a bustling fishing centre. Among its close-knit community is an enterprise specialising in handcrafted whisky, gin and Scandinavian akvavit. Martin Halberg, a leading name in the restaurant and international distribution industry for many years, is bringing their artisan beverages to a new audience.

Feddie Ocean Distillery is special for many reasons, but one of the most notable differences about this island enterprise is that it’s owned 100% by female investors. The owners consist of professional investors as well as first time investors, and have created a dynamic network within itself.

The spirits industry has long been dominated by men, but the company’s inspirational female founder and major shareholder has built an impressive reputation for running women centred networks. Feddie aims to empower women to step up and invest in the industry. The company now has more than 600 female investors and continues to play an active role in inspiring and encouraging more women to invest and own stocks. Feddie also runs a ‘Young Sisters’ programme aimed at daughters of shareholders, who are provided with expert training and tuition by professional investors and motivated to develop their own investment strategy in companies they form themselves.

A passionate advocate of the whole culture and history around global alcohol production, Martin Hallberg is committed to putting Feddie Ocean Distillery on the international map.

To find out more about the distillery, its products, development plans, investment opportunities and contact details, visit the company website: https://www.feddiedistillery.com/.

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