Hexaware’s New Initiative: Championing Women’s Return to Tech Careers with StrongHer Up Program

June 19, 2023

Hexaware Technologies, a leading global provider of IT services and solutions, today announced the launch of StrongHer Up – Revive and Thrive, an innovative program tailored towards welcoming women professionals back into the workforce after a career break.

StrongHer Up – Revive and Thrive is a paid return-to-work initiative for talented women who have taken a hiatus from their careers for personal reasons. The program focuses on providing opportunities for women to work on projects that resonate with their expertise, interests, and skills, with potential prospects for full-time employment with Hexaware, thereby manifesting the company’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

As one of the fastest-growing IT organizations worldwide, Hexaware provides a promising platform for growth, collaboration with industry stalwarts, and exposure to a diverse range of high-profile clients. The participants of this program will have the opportunity to work on transformation projects for respected global companies, embodying a unique blend of human creativity and intellect, data, and powerful algorithms.

Vinod Chandran, Chief Operating Officer at Hexaware, said, “We believe that every professional deserves the chance to revive their career, no matter the personal circumstances that may have led to a break. StrongHer Up – Revive and Thrive program is not just about providing an opportunity; it’s about recognizing the value that these women bring to our company. Our focus is on creating a supportive environment where they can re-ignite their professional journey and fulfill their potential.”

The program, open to women who have had a career break of 3-5 years, is inclusive of a 12-week intensive training period, ongoing mentorship, and access to community support.

Hexaware’s StrongHer Up – Revive and Thrive initiative reaffirms the value of previous experience and aligns with its commitment to increase the share of female employees to 40% by 2030. This program equips participants with the latest technologies and tools, flexible working hours, access to learning resources, women leadership forums, and a dedicated buddy system, all of which are designed to ease their transition back into the corporate world.

About Hexaware

Hexaware is a global technology and business process services company. Our 29,000 Hexawarians wake up every day with a singular purpose; to create smiles through great people and technology. With 54 offices in 19 countries, we empower enterprises worldwide to realize digital transformation at scale and speed by partnering with them to build, transform, run, and optimize their technology and business processes.

Learn more about Hexaware at https://www.hexaware.com.

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