Humanising Autonomy adopts the Microsoft Connected Fleets reference architecture to facilitate delivery of actionable business insights based on human behaviour

January 13, 2023

The London-based software developer will enhance its Behaviour AI predictive technology by integration with Microsoft Connected Fleets reference architecture, which will enable customers to make better-informed decisions, reduce costs and improve efficiency with its layer of human context.

Humanising Autonomy announced their collaboration with Microsoft to enhance offerings for fleet management services, enabling better-informed decisions, reduced costs and improved efficiency with its layer of human context.

Humanising Autonomy offers ethical computer-vision software that understands, predicts, and interprets human behaviour to quickly, safely and accurately provide the context between people and machines, whether a vehicle, a traffic control, connected device, or any other automated machine. By connecting to an existing camera platform or by accessing video footage, the U.K.-based tech firm provides actionable data and insights that businesses can use when making operational, logistical and safety decisions for their fleets.

Microsoft Connected Fleets reference architecture enables an ecosystem of partners and partner solutions for fleet management by simplifying specialized analytics, value extraction from vehicle data, and streamlining integration with business systems.

Humanising Autonomy’s integration with Microsoft Connected Fleets reference architecture will enable faster integration with customer-specific requirements and simplify the delivery of advanced analytics, speeding time-to-insight.

“With our Behaviour AI technology, we are enabling dashcams, driver assistance systems, and other mobility products with a dramatically reduced false positive rate and better-informed features,” says Maya Pindeus, CEO and co-founder of Humanising Autonomy. “Our technology is changing how businesses evaluate and extract actionable insight from their data and we are delighted to work with Microsoft and Microsoft Connected Fleets to drive customer value more quickly and efficiently.”

“Humanising Autonomy will help bring AI-driven insights on human behaviour with the Connected Fleets market. Being able to integrate next-generation insights with driver and fleet management systems enhances safety and drives immediate value without having to deploy new discrete solutions in and around the vehicle,” said Sanjay Ravi, General Manager, Automotive, Mobility and Transportation Industry, Microsoft. “Together, we’re working to help customers transform their businesses, and we’re delivering impactful, human-centric solutions to the market every day.”

To learn more about Connected Fleets, visit Microsoft’s Automotive Industry Blog.

About Humanising Autonomy

Based in London, Humanising Autonomy is changing the way machines understand human behaviour. Our diverse team combines customer-centric product design, proven engineering methodologies and one of the largest proprietary human behaviour data sets to develop technology that can accurately predict and interpret human behaviour. Powered by patented computer-vision models and adhering to strict ethical use of data, our Behaviour AI platform offers usable insight, both in real time and for historical analysis, to help customers make smarter business decisions. Learn more at

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