ICIS launches Energy Foresight to empower decisions in volatile and interconnected energy markets

May 15, 2023

ICIS, a global source of Independent Commodity Intelligence Services, launches Energy Foresight, an integrated platform which provides one single view and understanding of gas, power and carbon markets in Europe. The launch will come in two parts, with power and carbon capabilities accessible as of today and gas to launch in July 2023. As structural volatility continues to dominate the energy markets, it is fundamental for market players to understand better cross-commodity impacts on supply and trading. Energy Foresight provides a 360-view linking the interplay and connection between power, carbon, LNG and gas markets.

Energy price forecasting has also become more complex over time. Companies have traditionally modelled commodity markets, either building a fundamental view based on the physical supply and demand or building a statistical model based on historical data. However, both approaches fail to capture the higher degree of interconnection between commodity markets and what impacts each market at any time.

Accurately building forecasting models to capture the interdependencies between markets and give a holistic view of what will move markets tomorrow is essential for buyers to minimise costs and traders to maximise profits.

“You cannot trade natural gas in Europe with just a view on TTF and deriving your spread against the hub you want to trade,” Matteo Mazzoni, Director of Data Analytics at ICIS, said. “At the same time, you cannot trade German power without understanding the role of carbon prices in driving spark spreads and the role of LNG. And it is almost impossible to trade carbon today without understanding whether the gas market is turning massively short or long.”

“ICIS helps you make sense of all of this, not looking at one market in isolation, but fully mapping the whole European energy market and providing a view on whether the commodity or market you are trading is currently overvalued or undervalued.”

ICIS’ unique data provides a deep understanding of global energy market dynamics, empowering strategic decisions, backed by over 25 years of experience delivering key price benchmarks in gas, power and carbon markets. In addition, Energy Foresight can be seamlessly integrated into workflows, enabling users to access critical analysis of regulations, government policies and market fundamentals via real-time channels.

About ICIS

ICIS is a trusted source of global commodity intelligence for the energy, chemical and fertilizer industry. We are a division of RELX, a FTSE 15 company with a market cap of £46 billion and an employee base of over 30,000 experts across 40 countries.

At ICIS, we help businesses make strategic decisions, mitigate risk, improve productivity, and capitalise on new opportunities. We make some of the world’s most important markets more trusted and predictable by providing data services, thought leadership and decision tools. As a result of our unmatched global presence, we can deliver targeted connected intelligence to influence thousands of decisions across supply chains every single day. We shape the world by connecting markets to optimise the world’s valuable resources. With a global team of more than 600 experts, ICIS has employees based in London, New York, Houston, Karlsruhe, Milan, Mumbai, Singapore, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Tokyo and Perth.

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