iCONECT Revolutionizes Accessibility with iCONECT SaaS and Innovative Pricing

August 26, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • iCONECT, a prominent technology innovator with over two decades of experience, introduces iCONECT SaaS, a cloud-based solution powered by Microsoft Azure, to enhance accessibility to its acclaimed iCONECT platform.
  • The move to cloud-based hosting aligns with the eDiscovery industry standard, offering organizations simplified management and improved focus on project goals.
  • The unique “Price Protect” feature ensures automatic discounts for growing data volumes, reflecting iCONECT’s commitment to value-driven customer service.
  • iCONECT’s innovative approach, backed by secure and scalable software solutions, positions it as a transformative force in data and document management.

Empowering Accessibility and User Focus

LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – iCONECT, a trailblazing leader with a rich history of 20 years in technology innovation and the creators of the acclaimed iCONECT platform, is proud to introduce a game-changing solution: iCONECT SaaS. This novel offering, fortified by the robust Microsoft Azure infrastructure, signifies a significant leap forward in enhancing accessibility to the iCONECT platform, transcending conventional on-premises and third-party provider options.

The prevalence of cloud-based hosting has solidified its standing as the standard in the eDiscovery industry. In response, iCONECT is embracing this shift to offer enhanced accessibility and user-centric benefits.

Simplifying Complexities with iCONECT SaaS

In a world where businesses strive to strike the right balance between infrastructure, software management, and project execution, iCONECT SaaS emerges as a tailored solution. It is meticulously designed to allow organizations to channel their energies into realizing project goals instead of being bogged down by administrative complexities. With iCONECT SaaS, businesses can now streamline user setup, bolster security, facilitate data import, manage projects, and more, all while relinquishing the burdensome oversight of hardware and hosting infrastructure.

Emily Johnston, iCONECT’s Product Manager of Legal and Incident Response, highlights the company’s journey in providing web-based access to confidential data when in-house solutions dominated the landscape. She remarks, “As cloud-based hosting has become the eDiscovery industry standard, we’re excited to increase our platform’s accessibility to meet this demand.”

Pioneering Transparent Pricing Models and “Price Protect”

What sets iCONECT SaaS apart is its commitment to innovation not only in its offerings but also in pricing. The platform introduces flexible pricing models, transparent billing, an inclusive array of features, and project-level reporting. Notably, iCONECT SaaS introduces the groundbreaking “Price Protect” feature. This unique offering dynamically provides discounts to customers as their data volume expands, eliminating the need for contract renegotiations. This embodiment of customer-centricity underscores iCONECT’s commitment to delivering exceptional value.

A Fusion of Reliability and Innovation

While iCONECT SaaS is fortified within the formidable Microsoft Azure infrastructure, it goes beyond that by integrating the tried-and-tested iCONECT software that has garnered acclaim in the market. The new offering inherits the reputation of trustworthiness and innovation that iCONECT has diligently cultivated over the years.

Shaping a Data-Driven Future

iCONECT’s commitment to empowering clients across all sectors is evident in its unified and superior platform. Designed to be secure, scalable, user-friendly, and cost-effective, iCONECT’s software solutions provide seamless access to insights from vast datasets, whether hosted on-site or in the cloud. As the company ventures further into the realm of artificial intelligence, it stands as a catalyst in reshaping the landscape of data and document management projects.

About iCONECT: A Legacy of Transformative Innovation

Founded in 1999, iCONECT continues to be an avant-garde force in technology, composed of a team of adept, creative, and agile problem solvers dedicated to simplifying data management for clients. Available for both on-site deployment and through a global network of service providers, iCONECT software has been selected for use in some of the world’s most significant data management projects, including the BP-Oil Spill and the creation of a public access archive for the 30,000 JFK document and audio files released by the CIA.

Carving a Path to the Future

iCONECT’s recent move towards iCONECT SaaS and its innovative pricing strategy solidify its status as a transformative force. By embracing cutting-edge solutions and aligning with industry standards, the company empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of data management with enhanced ease and efficiency.

As technology continues to evolve, iCONECT remains steadfast in its mission to simplify data management, provide exceptional value, and reshape the future of data and document management projects.

For more information, please visit www.iconect.com or connect with iCONECT on Twitter and Facebook.

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