IEC Standardization Leaders to Discuss Utility Interworking in Amsterdam

July 9, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • IEC standards, critical to the European power grid sector, will be examined at a week-long event organized by Smart Grid Forums.
  • The conference aims to support grid operators in understanding the business case for the standards, conducting pilot projects to test their technical feasibility, and education for wider workforce adoption.
  • Leaders from the IEC standardization communities will discuss the interdependencies of the standards and their implications on grid operations.

About the Event

The independent conference organizer, Smart Grid Forums, specialized in the European power grid sector, will host a week-long event in Amsterdam, bringing together leaders from the IEC standardization communities. The conference will focus on key standards, including IEC 61850 for substations, IEC CIM for control centers, and IEC 62443 for OT cybersecurity.

The Focus of the Conference

The conference aims to delve into the latest lessons learned from implementing these standards. With a dedicated case-study program for each group and access to information and networking related to other standards, the event seeks to explore the interworking of these standards for efficient and reliable grid operations.

The conference will begin with three Fundamentals Workshops on IEC 61850, IEC CIM, and IEC 62443. The main conference will then feature plenary sessions on macro issues faced by the standardization community, followed by technical tracks focused on utility case studies. The week concludes with a Communication briefing, designed to help technical teams communicate their engineering know-how into organizational priorities to secure long-term investment.

Speakers and Discussion Topics

The conference features over 70 speakers from the sector, including Christoph Brunner, Gabriel Faifman, Svein Olsen, Alex Apostolov, Jennifer MacKenzie, Anders Johnson, Barry Coatesworth, Philip Westbroek, Damien Ploix, Mohammed Radi, Rui Pena, and Anna Elgersma.

Discussion topics will include a global standardization review, working group improvements, workforce engagement, process bus, virtualization, IEC 62443 for the grid, implementation planning, patch management, CIM for a centralized repository, and internal-external data exchange.

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