IFS Cloud Empowers Tele2’s Digital Transformation for Enhanced Control and Efficiency

August 26, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Tele2, the leading Swedish integrated telecommunications services provider, partners with IFS to implement the latest version of IFS Cloud, fostering improvements in core operations and the expansion of their 5G offerings.
  • IFS Cloud’s implementation streamlines Tele2’s processes, driving automation and offering a unified operational view for enhanced control over business processes.
  • The adoption of IFS Cloud enables Tele2 to efficiently manage their entire value chain, encompassing retail operations, supply chain integration with third-party logistic providers, and comprehensive financial support.
  • The telecom-specific capabilities of IFS Cloud empower Tele2 to manage the complete lifecycle of projects, assets, and services, thereby enhancing differentiation and competitiveness.

Ushering a New Era: Tele2 and IFS Cloud Partnership

A new era of operational efficiency and enhanced capabilities is on the horizon as IFS, the global cloud enterprise software company, collaborates with Tele2, the leading integrated telecommunications services provider in Sweden. This strategic partnership marks the implementation of the latest iteration of IFS Cloud, poised to elevate Tele2’s core operations and bolster their 5G offerings.

The adoption of IFS Cloud represents a significant stride in Tele2’s journey towards a streamlined, efficient, and future-ready telecommunications ecosystem. With the telecommunications landscape undergoing rapid transformation, Tele2’s collaboration with IFS paves the way for unparalleled control and efficiency.

Streamlining Operations: IFS Cloud at the Core

Tele2’s decision to implement IFS Cloud stems from the software’s capability to simplify and optimize their operations comprehensively. IFS Cloud acts as a catalyst for the streamlining of processes across various operational facets within Tele2’s framework. This, in turn, fuels a culture of continuous automation, amplifying efficiency and reducing operational complexities.

At the heart of this transformation lies IFS Cloud’s ability to provide Tele2 with a single operational view, uniting disparate processes under a unified umbrella. This not only augments the control Tele2 has over their business processes but also catalyzes data-driven decision-making through enhanced visibility.

Managing the Value Chain: All-in-One Efficiency

One of the pivotal strengths of IFS Cloud lies in its capability to empower Tele2 to manage their entire value chain within a singular platform. The software’s expansive reach encompasses diverse domains, including retail operations, supply chain integration with third-party logistic providers (3PL), and comprehensive financial support with a focus on projects and services.

Commenting on this strategic partnership, Yogesh Malik, Executive Vice President CTIO at Tele2, stated, “On our journey to becoming the leading telco in the Nordic and Baltic regions, we understand that business systems are extremely vital for the new digital age. Focusing on continuous simplification, automation, and building a sustainable architecture we are looking forward to partnering with IFS for the implementation of their latest solution.”

Telecom-Specific Prowess: Empowering Tele2’s Differentiation

IFS Cloud’s integration into Tele2’s ecosystem holds the promise of a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities within the telecommunications industry. IFS, equipped with a deep understanding of the telecom domain, offers a telecom-specific set of capabilities that encompass the complete lifecycle of projects, assets, and services.

Elni Kullmer, President of North & Central Europe at IFS, emphasized the symbiotic nature of this collaboration, stating, “Tele2 is aiming to build Sweden’s best 5G network while also executing on an IT transformation that will improve every step of the digital customer journey and experience.” Kullmer highlighted the role of IFS Cloud in Tele2’s journey of expansion into new markets, particularly in 5G applications such as drones, manufacturing, aerospace, and transport.

Expanding Horizons: IFS Success and a Comprehensive Rollout

The partnership between IFS and Tele2 extends beyond the adoption of IFS Cloud. Tele2 has also embraced IFS Success, a suite of services designed to ensure success amid uncertain times. This service operates by closely monitoring predefined outcome-based Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), ensuring a successful business transformation.

In the coming stages of this collaboration, IFS will spearhead the implementation and seamless rollout of their transformative solution across Sweden. As the telecom landscape evolves, Tele2’s partnership with IFS positions them on the forefront of operational excellence and innovation.

About Tele2

Tele2’s legacy is rooted in challenging norms and disrupting monopolies since its inception in 1993. Today, it is a catalyst for unlimited possibilities, enabling mobile and fixed connectivity, telephony, data network services, TV, streaming, and global IoT solutions. With a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative offerings, Tele2 drives growth and continues to redefine the telecommunications landscape.

About IFS

IFS is a global pioneer in cloud enterprise software, catering to businesses that manufacture, distribute goods, maintain assets, and operate service-focused operations. IFS Cloud, with its industry-specific products and embedded digital innovation, empowers businesses to excel when it matters the most—at the Moment of Service™. With over 5,500 employees and a commitment to agility, trustworthiness, and collaboration, IFS stands as a recognized leader and supplier in the sector. To explore how IFS’s enterprise software solutions can propel your business forward, visit ifs.com.

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