Illuminating the Marketing Landscape: Exploring Innovative Companies in Santa Monica

July 5, 2023


Welcome to the vibrant marketing scene of Santa Monica, California. In this article, we delve into the world of cutting-edge marketing companies that are reshaping the industry with their innovative approaches and transformative strategies. From influencer marketplaces to AI-powered solutions, join us as we uncover the diverse range of companies driving marketing innovation in this dynamic coastal city.


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Heartbeat is a marketplace that connects creators with brands for creating content on Instagram & TikTok.

Rad Intelligence

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Rad Intelligence helps enterprise companies engage diverse and global audiences with authenticity at scale.

Tower 28 Beauty

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Tower 28 Beauty is a beauty brand company that sells personal care products.


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HotSauce is opening the market on group search.


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RAD AI offers AI audit, AI measurement, and AI mapping solutions.


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airsales offers qualified prospects that drive meetings and growth for the business.


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Embello is a marketing platform that provides website creation and development, and branding packages for home and design.


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ReBLDing creates trust, transparency, and timing between homeowners and contractors by safeguarding the repair process from beginning to end.

Doing Good Digital

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Doing Good Digital is an advertising and marketing agency focused on digital, data, and strategic services.


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Tower26 is a full-service strategic communications and public affairs agency focused on maximizing social impact.


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Rise9 is reinventing the influencer marketplace.

Déclick Agency

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Déclick Agency is a digital creative agency that provides brand design, copywriting, and email marketing services.

Hope Creative

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Hope Creative offers branding, web design, eCommerce, and marketing services.

Mariner’s Bow

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Mariner’s Bow provides product development, branding, and marketing services.


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Livesurge is a marketing & advertising company.

From connecting creators and brands to leveraging AI and maximizing social impact, these startups are pushing boundaries and driving exceptional growth. They have been handpicked based on their innovative ideas, market strategies, and profound societal impact. Join us in exploring the dynamic marketing landscape in Santa Monica, California.

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