In a transforming world, the future belongs to today’s innovation and disruption leaders

October 14, 2022

Whether answering the challenge of new technology, setting the sustainability agenda or meeting the needs of ever-more demanding customers, TBD Media Group meets the people changing our world – fast

Disruption is the new normal: businesses that have remained the same for generations have been swept away by dramatically changing landscape brought about by the new capabilities of technology and a new demand for businesses to be responsible stewards of the future. The Innovation and Disruption Leaders behind our transforming world have stories to tell – and TBD Media Group is bringing those stories to a global audience.

After a turbulent few years, it has become clear that the winners are either the Disrupters who have changed the rule book, or the Innovators who have successfully identified the opportunities and adapted to the new environment.

Acclaimed production company TBD Media Group says that these Innovation and Disruption Leaders can teach us much about what the future will look like and how other business leaders can thrive in it.

In a series of compelling documentaries, TBD Media Group examines how each company, driven by original and visionary leaders, has been able to reshape itself and those around it to take advantage of the new paradigm in which businesses now exist.

Paolo Zanini, Founder and CEO at TBD Media Group says:

“One of the most important things a business can do is change with the times without losing sight of the values that make them unique in the first place. With Innovation and Disruption Leaders, we are meeting the people who have put their own vision of the world front and center. A generation ago, business leaders may have said, ‘It is what it is.’ Today’s leaders see the opportunity to shape the future as they wish to see it for themselves and the next generations.”

Zanini believes that the role of TBD Media Group is to educate viewers about the new world in which businesses operate.  He says:

“It is too easy for people to believe that things don’t change for the better.TBD Media Group has a responsibility to show that not only is innovation and disruption possible, now is the perfect time to do it. For every Innovation and Disruption Leaders in the series, there are thousands more. The age of transformation is upon us – it is up to these leaders to decide what we will transform into.”

The Innovation and Disruption Leaders documentary series will be available through 

Companies featured in this launch:







APEX Group




More information on the Innovation and Disruption Leaders Campaign may be found here:

About TBD Media Group:

TBD Media Group is an international, purpose-driven, media developer that helps companies, organizations and governments tell their brand stories in a human and direct way. Learn more at

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