Insider launches WhatsApp Commerce to help brands deliver end-to-end buying experiences and becomes a Meta Business Solution Provider (BSP)

March 23, 2023

Insider, a single platform for delivering individualized, cross-channel customer experiences, has announced the launch of Meta-powered WhatsApp Commerce, a powerful new capability for businesses to build two-way conversational buying experiences for their customers, on the most popular messaging channel – WhatsApp. This launch closely follows Insider becoming an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) after their recent acquisition of MindBehind.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, recently shared his outlook that the future of commerce will be fueled by end-to-end conversational experiences where consumers can find and buy directly from messaging applications like WhatsApp and Messenger. As a testament to this, Insider’s WhatsApp Commerce will enable users, including those who have never shopped online before, to seamlessly browse through product catalogs online, add items to their cart and make a payment to complete the purchase—all within WhatsApp’s familiar interface.

What is WhatsApp Commerce?

WhatsApp Commerce will allow businesses to deliver immersive web-style experiences within WhatsApp, combined with the power of two-way conversational messaging. This pioneering technology will enable businesses to create seamless buying experiences, from sending personalized promotions, capturing leads, and launching products to delivering post-purchase confirmations and loyalty experiences. Businesses will be able to offer more value based on the users’ willingness to engage, heralding a new age where consumers can discover, browse and buy products, and engage with businesses – right within the app where they spend most of their time – and in the conversational style they use with their friends and family.

WhatsApp Commerce for Retail, Ecommerce & Delivery

Drive higher purchase rates with end-to-end shopping experiences. Brands and retailers can leverage WhatsApp Commerce templates like product catalogs for browsing, category lists for product discovery, and detailed description cards for completing purchase orders. Additionally, retailers can improve AOV, repurchase rate, and other metrics by running conversational campaigns like replenishment reminders, price alerts, and more.

An Ecommerce Director at a global food retailer shared: “Insider’s WhatsApp Commerce has fundamentally changed how we interact with our customers. We are now able to meet our audience where they already are and offer complete order booking experiences at the touch of a button within their favorite app. Insider’s WhatsApp Commerce allows us to build more personalized and conversational purchase experiences for our audience as an extension of our promotional campaigns — allowing them to leverage our offers, browse our menu, and place an order without leaving WhatsApp. This has significantly reduced cart abandonment by 61% and improved our monthly average order value by 38%.

WhatsApp Commerce for Automotive

Increase test-drive bookings with conversational flows within WhatsApp. Automotive brands can leverage WhatsApp Commerce to create immersive launch experiences, automate test drive booking forms, receive customer feedback, and send timely after-sale services.

WhatsApp Commerce for Travel & Entertainment

Drive 7X faster check-in and increase ancillary sales on WhatsApp. Travel brands can leverage WhatsApp Commerce to send reminders for flight check-ins and follow through with add-on catalogs to browse add-on services such as seat upgrades, car rentals, and more to drive ancillary revenue.

WhatsApp Commerce for Financial Services

Create engaging lead qualification experiences. Banking and insurance brands can leverage WhatsApp Commerce to create two-way automated flows to generate and qualify clients using tools like FAQ library, interest calculator, credit card recommender, offer product and service information, and more.

How can businesses leverage Insider’s WhatsApp Commerce to boost conversions?

Insider’s WhatsApp Commerce is a versatile solution for businesses in any industry seeking to expand their reach on WhatsApp and explore new ways of engaging with their users, influencing every step of their journey to becoming happy and loyal customers. WhatsApp Commerce will support brands in multiple industries, including Ecommerce and Retail, Travel and Entertainment, Banking and Financial Services, Automotive, and more.

“At Insider, our vision has always been to provide a single operating platform that brings together data, insights, and experiences for marketers, product, CRM, digital, and commerce teams,” shared Muharrem Derinkok, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Insider, “By launching WhatsApp Commerce, we’re enabling brands to bridge the gap between marketing and customer experience by leveraging the full potential of a channel where consumers spend the most time. WhatsApp Commerce transforms how users engage and purchase from brands without leaving their favorite app and is guaranteed to boost engagement and revenue by driving stronger customer loyalty.”

How does WhatsApp Commerce work as part of an omnichannel customer experience?

Insider’s WhatsApp Commerce combines the power of deep customer data segmentation to allow brands to target users based on their interests and predicted behavior to trigger relevant and timely conversations on WhatsApp that are more likely to convert.

Insider has built upon its existing market-leading capabilities to help brands grow their WhatsApp subscriber base with gamified templates and text-to-opt-in features. Other end-to-end capabilities like WhatsApp business account creation, template approval, advanced reporting, automation, frequency capping, WhatsApp intelligent virtual assistant, rich CTA messages, and more further strengthen Insider’s WhatsApp Commerce offering, thanks to their status as an official Meta Business Solution Partner

By adding WhatsApp Commerce to Insider’s existing channel support and advanced capabilities, including AI-led segmentation, real-time engagement, and predictive behavior analysis, Insider partners are now able to create end-to-end customer journeys which feature “Product Lists,” “Product Detail Cards,” and “Add to Cart” CTAs in addition to other powerful use cases like price alerts, back-in-stock alerts, cart reminders, and more.

Insider’s 1,200+ clients around the globe will be able to seamlessly integrate the power of WhatsApp Commerce into their marketing mix, effectively reducing reliance on point solutions and intermediary technologies.

Since Insider is already cited as a #1 leader in cross-channel customer journey orchestration, the news will allow businesses to consolidate their MarTech stack to optimize spend and centralize WhatsApp and all other channels into one powerful platform, during a time when cost optimization is needed most. With WhatsApp Commerce, brands can deliver unrivaled end-to-end engagement and customer experiences to consumers on WhatsApp, with no need to leave the channel to research, compare and purchase products.

Learn more about how businesses can leverage the power of WhatsApp Commerce at:

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