International Accolade for Pet Specialist Agency’s Ukraine Pet Charity Campaign

June 15, 2023

Key Highlights

  • Operation Paw-pose, a Christmas campaign for Ukrainian animals, won an international marketing award.
  • The campaign was a collaboration between spottydog communications and Ukrainian charity, U-Hearts Foundation.
  • Garnering 1,700+ votes, it won the X-Ray Award for Best Marketing Project in the International Company category.
  • TV dog groomer Verity Hardcastle led the initiative, which involved purchasing hampers for abandoned pets and calling for pet industry donations.
  • The campaign collected £12,000 worth of pet products from over 30 brands.

Partners in Compassion: spottydog communications and U-Hearts Foundation

The Midlands-based PR agency, spottydog communications, teamed up with leading Ukrainian charity, U-Hearts Foundation, to launch Operation Paw-pose in 2022. This heartwarming initiative aimed to make Christmas special for thousands of animals left homeless by the war in Ukraine.

Accolades and Recognition: Winning the X-Ray Award

Surpassing all competitors, Operation Paw-pose secured over 1,700 votes to win the X-Ray Award for the Best Marketing Project in the International Company category. The award is a testament to the campaign’s success and the difference it made in the lives of Ukraine’s homeless pets.

Campaign Strategies: The Role of Verity Hardcastle and Industry Donations

TV dog groomer, Verity Hardcastle, was the face of the campaign, which called upon UK pet-lovers to purchase festive hampers filled with essentials for the abandoned pets. In addition, the campaign urged the pet industry to “lend a helping paw” by donating unsold stock from the 2022 PATS trade show. Spottydog communications successfully gathered a substantial £12,000 worth of pet products from more than 30 brands.

Quotes from the Frontline

Emily Wardle, Associate Director at spottydog communications, expressed her joy over the award win. She highlighted the devastating impact of the war on Ukraine’s pets and commended U-Hearts Foundation for providing a lifeline to the animals. She said, “Through our deep understanding of the pet market and experience supporting not-for-profit organisations, we were perfectly placed to help U-Hearts with their important cause. We are so proud that our communications helped make a positive difference to hundreds of homeless pets.”

U-Hearts Foundation’s CEO, Yuriy Tokarski, acknowledged the role of spottydog communications in rallying UK support for the foundation’s programmes. He said, “Our collaboration with spottydog communications has been instrumental in galvanizing support in the UK for our foundation’s programmes, helping pets and animals suffering from the war in Ukraine. We are glad that our campaign run by the great team at spottydog was duly recognised.”

About spottydog communications and Leopard Co

Spottydog communications is a Birmingham-based, award-winning PR and communications agency with over 30 industry awards to its name. The agency specializes in PR and social media across various sectors, including Pet, Hospitality & Leisure, Home & Property, B2B, Corporate, and Consumer. It operates as a Corporate Affiliate of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR).

Leopard Co, the parent company of spottydog communications and its sister company Big Cat, is a strategic marketing communications practice. It aids businesses in navigating major changes, such as mergers, acquisitions, reconfigurations, investments, or transformations. The company develops communication strategies and delivers tactics that enable organizations to effectuate change.

For more information or support with communications activity, reach out to spottydog communications today.


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