IoT Titans of Tomorrow: London’s Pioneering Startups in the Internet of Things Sector

October 5, 2023

1. MySense

Redefining Digital Health & Wellbeing Analytics
Dive deep into the world of health analytics with MySense. This platform uses IoT to improve our understanding of individual health and wellness.

2. MiiCare

Your Digital Guardian Angel for Senior Health
Keeping the elderly safe, healthy, and connected, MiiCare offers an AI-powered digital health coach, revolutionizing care for older adults.

3. Zobi

Defending Homes Digitally
In the ever-increasing age of digital threats, Zobi stands guard, offering home protection against malicious digital activities.

4. Taia Translations

Translation Reinvented with IoT
Venture into Taia’s world and discover a platform that leverages the latest translation tech for enhanced efficiency in content translation.

5. The Smart Container Company

Innovating the Beverage Industry with IoT
Experience how Smart Container brings intelligence, transparency, and net-zero solutions to the beverage world.

6. ThingCo

Shaping the Future of Smart Cars
From telematics to insurance, ThingCo is revolutionizing the automotive industry with their groundbreaking IoT services.

7. Tweaq

Reimagining Safety with the First Smart Self-disinfecting Door Handle
In an era of health consciousness, Tweaq delivers an IoT solution that ensures safety right at your doorstep.

8. Airfi Networks

Leading OEMs into the IoT Age
With their Catalyst IoT Platform, Airfi Networks assists manufacturers in launching and capitalizing on cellular connected products.

9. Gideon

Unifying Smart Device Control
Breaking brand boundaries, Gideon allows users to manage all their smart devices from a singular app.

10. Novek

Eradicating Single-Use Plastic with IoT
Embark on a green journey with Novek as they harness IoT to wipe out single-use plastic from FMCG supply chains.

11. Coffee Cloud

Stirring Innovation in the Coffee Industry
Discover how Coffee Cloud utilizes IoT software analytics to refine the professional HoReCa coffee industry.

12. Q-Branch Labs

Pioneering IoT Cybersecurity for Remote Work
With the rise of remote work, Q-Branch Labs stands as a beacon, providing paramount cybersecurity protection for work-from-home employees.

13. Moggie

Conversing with Cats through IoT
Enter the feline world with Moggie, an innovative communication and health device designed exclusively for cats.

14. Findaa Technology

Revolutionizing Asset Monitoring
Witness asset management transformation with Findaa Technology. They offer a platform that drives efficiencies, savings, and promotes sustainability.

15. Wave

Liberating the Internet & Energy with IoT
Envision a world with freer internet and energy. Wave makes this possible, transforming single-board computers into intelligent home hubs.

London’s IoT scene is bursting with innovation, solving real-world problems and reimagining what’s possible. As the digital frontier continues to expand, these 15 startups are proof that London remains at the heart of groundbreaking technology advancements.

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