Iran International TV Channel closes London studios, citing security threats

February 20, 2023

After a significant escalation in state-backed threats from Iran and advice from the Metropolitan Police, Iran International TV has reluctantly closed its London studios and moved broadcasting to Washington DC. The station will continue to operate from Washington DC uninterrupted.

Threats had grown to the point that it was felt it was no longer possible to protect the channel’s staff, other employees at Chiswick Business Park and the general public.

Mahmood Enayat, General Manager of Iran International TV, said: “I cannot believe it has come to this. A foreign state has caused such a significant threat to the British public on British soil that we have to move. Let’s be clear this is not just a threat to our TV station but the British public at large. Even more, this is an assault on the values of sovereignty, security and free speech that the UK has always held dear.

Day and night our journalists strive to deliver the 85mn people of Iran and its diaspora the independent, uncensored news they deserve.

We refuse to be silenced. We will continue to broadcast.

We are undeterred.”

About Iran International TV

Based in London, Iran International TV is the leading independent 24/7 news channel serving an audience of over 30million amongst the Iranian population and global diaspora. Iran International TV is the trusted and respected provider of unbiased and uncensored news and analysis in Iran.

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