Releases Top 6 Cybersecurity Trends for 2023

December 22, 2022, the people-friendly SaaS platform empowering businesses to achieve their information security and data privacy compliance goals, released its trend predictions for the information and data privacy landscape in 2023. Topline trends point towards an increasing focus on privacy and information security regulation driving organisational success. Effective information and cyber security are now essential to business success.

“As a result of the growing amount of privacy legislation, we expect conversations about achieving information security to be led by privacy rather than the other way around,” comments Sam Peter, CPO at

“2023 will see a push towards global harmonisation of information and data privacy regulations. Aligning and harmonising regulations globally will improve security, particularly regarding data protection, innovation and interoperability, and cost,” comments Rebecca Harper, Head of Cyber Security Analysis’, at

The other trends covered in the report include:

  • A passwordless future ahead, whilst not a new idea, the growing consensus is that the only answer to phishing is moving to a passwordless approach to access management, enabling a fundamental shift to phishing-resistant authentication. We expect to see this rise in popularity in 2023.
  • Supply chain security challenges persist –We expect to see the supply chain increasingly leveraged by cybercriminals for financial gain and as a political attack vector, specifically within the critical national infrastructure. Sectors such as healthcare, energy, finance, and transport will become ever more attractive targets, meaning that the supply chain problem presents a significant threat to life, information security, and data privacy challenges.
  • Internet of Things Risk Landscape Intensifies – Gartner estimate that by the end of 2023, there will be three times more IoT devices than humans. By 2025 an average connected human will interact with an IoT device every 18 seconds, and every one of these interactions will need to be secured appropriately.
  • Creative Approaches to Managing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap- The cybersecurity skills shortage presents significant challenges to organisations attempting to stay ahead of the cyber risk landscape. We expect organisations to focus on hiring and retaining niche cyber talent along with outsourcing strategies to remain agile and optimise operational processes in 2023.

For the predictions in full, visit:

About is a leading SaaS company empowering every business to achieve simple, secure and sustainable data privacy and information security through its people-friendly platform. Headquartered in the U.K., with employees worldwide, has more than 12,000 users globally and works with a wide range of organisations — including enterprise brands like New Day, FDM, and Amigo.

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