Itay Tuchman Appointed CEO of Consello Digital

February 9, 2023

Consello, the financial services advisory and strategic investing platform, is pleased to announce the appointment of Itay Tuchman as CEO of Consello Digital, the company’s digital assets advisory business.

Mr. Tuchman joins Consello from Citigroup, where he held several senior leadership roles over the past 20+ years, including most recently as Citi’s Global Head of Foreign Exchange, the largest and most extensive FX business in the world. He was also a key architect of much of the company’s digital asset strategy and industry connectivity over the past number of years.

At Consello, Mr. Tuchman will be responsible for the firm’s Digital Assets Advisory business. He will report to the division’s Chairman, Peter Mattoon, and will be based out of Consello’s newly opened London office. Consello’s Digital Assets Advisory division works with companies to help them navigate and grow within the digital financial ecosystem, including digital currencies, stablecoins, tokenized securities, NFTs, and other forms of digital assets. The total addressable market for such assets is estimated to be in excess of $1 trillion globally at present.

Drawing on his experience as one of the world’s leading experts in institutional Foreign Exchange, he will also support Consello’s Capital Markets practice, advising customers on capital markets related activity including Foreign Exchange, Interest Rate Risk and treasury management, amongst other areas.

“I am delighted to welcome Itay to our firm,” said Declan Kelly, Chairman and CEO of The Consello Group. “He is one of the world’s leading experts in his field and his track record and experience over the last two decades speaks for itself. He brings the experience and knowledge necessary to rapidly advance our Digital Assets Advisory business at a time when companies all over the world are looking for guidance and direction, financial advice and input on how to navigate the digital financial services ecosystem. Consello will continue to build out the division’s global team and business under his and Pete’s leadership. Separately, Consello is going to build a Capital Markets advisory business working with clients to address their various needs, and Itay’s experience as a leading expert in this field will be of invaluable support to them in this regard.”

“The digital assets industry is at a crucial inflection point,” said Peter Mattoon, Chairman of Consello Digital. “The current environment has many challenges, but also lots of opportunity, as this nascent space continues to evolve and become more sophisticated. It will be essential for all modern organizations to not only understand the industry, but also have the appropriate strategies for introducing their businesses to the space.”

He continued, “Itay is not only a brilliant strategist and global markets expert, but also has a deep understanding of the volatility that is an inevitability with the introduction of new asset classes. He is better equipped than anyone to analyze and synthesize this complex space to guide Consello clients on how to best capitalize on their approach to the digital assets industry.”

“I am excited to join an outstanding team at Consello and to work with the world’s leading companies on developing and executing their strategies in Digital Assets. With the rapid innovation inherent in the space, it will require companies to develop key capabilities to unlock the transformative potential of this technology, while managing risks in both established and novel ways,” said Mr. Tuchman.

About Consello

The Consello Group is a financial services advisory and strategic investing platform. At Consello we invest capital to grow companies, and we execute for our banking clients across industries. We also offer business development services to help companies grow and a digital assets advisory business to help companies participate in the global digital financial services ecosystem. Consello offers these four distinct but integrated lines of businesses all on one platform: Investing, Digital Assets Advisory, Growth and Business Development, and Merchant Banking and M&A Advisory.

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