JK Tech and OneShield Join Forces for Insurance Technology Advancement

July 29, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • JK Tech, a global IT services and solutions company, announces a strategic partnership with OneShield, a leading provider of innovative insurance technology solutions.
  • The collaboration aims to enhance OneShield’s delivery team capabilities and expedite the deployment of transformative digital solutions for insurance carriers, start-ups, and MGAs.
  • By combining domain expertise and cutting-edge technology, the partnership reinforces the commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences in the rapidly evolving insurance industry.
  • JK Tech’s specialized Hyperautomation solutions and Data Analytics expertise complement OneShield’s cloud-based core systems, offering comprehensive support to over 90 lines of business in the P&C insurance space.

About JK Tech: Navigating Digital Transformation

JK Tech is a trailblazing Digital and Business Consulting provider empowering clients globally in navigating their digital transformation journey. With a vision centered on a “superior experience,” the organization excels in providing specialized capabilities across industries such as Healthcare, Retail & Consumer Products, and Insurance. JK Tech leverages its niche Hyperautomation solutions, backed by Data and Analytics expertise, to enhance performance and create lasting value across enterprises.

The company’s commitment to superior experiences extends to its customers, people, and the social environment. With a global reach, JK Tech strives to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions that cater to the evolving needs of industries, including the dynamic landscape of insurance.

About OneShield: Empowering P&C Insurers and MGAs

OneShield takes pride in offering business solutions for Property & Casualty (P&C) insurers and Managing General Agents (MGAs) of all sizes. With its cloud-based and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms, OneShield provides comprehensive tools for enterprise-level policy management, billing, claims, rating, relationship management, product configuration, business intelligence, and smart analytics.

Specifically designed for personal, commercial, and specialty insurance, OneShield’s solutions support over 90 lines of business, making it a versatile and adaptable choice for insurers worldwide. The company’s client base includes some of the world’s leading insurers, who benefit from optimized workflows, pre-built content, seamless upgrades, collaborative implementations, and pricing models aimed at lowering the total cost of ownership.

With headquarters in Marlborough, MA, and additional offices in India, OneShield stands at the forefront of insurance technology, empowering clients across the insurance industry spectrum.

Uniting Forces for Insurance Technology Advancement

In the fast-evolving landscape of the insurance industry, technology plays a pivotal role in driving transformation and meeting customer expectations. Recognizing this, JK Tech and OneShield have come together in a strategic partnership to foster innovation and enhance delivery team capabilities. The collaboration aims to accelerate the deployment of transformative digital solutions, ensuring insurers can keep pace with the ever-changing market dynamics.

The partnership brings together the domain knowledge and industry-leading technology solutions of OneShield with JK Tech’s technical proficiency and expertise in Hyperautomation. Together, they form a formidable team equipped to tackle challenges across the insurance sector, from large-scale projects for established carriers to groundbreaking initiatives for insurance start-ups and MGAs.

JK Tech: Leading the Charge in Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation is a powerful concept that encompasses the integration of advanced technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Data Analytics, to streamline and optimize business processes. As a leading proponent of Hyperautomation, JK Tech brings specialized capabilities that align perfectly with OneShield’s vision of empowering P&C insurers and MGAs.

Aloke Paskar, President and CEO at JK Tech, expresses his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “By combining our technical expertise with OneShield’s industry-leading solutions, we are poised to deliver exceptional results and drive successful outcomes for insurers, insurance start-ups, and MGAs. This collaboration strengthens our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology and Hyperautomation solutions that meet the evolving needs of the insurance industry.”

OneShield: A Comprehensive Suite of Cloud-Based Core Systems

OneShield’s expertise lies in providing a comprehensive suite of cloud-based core systems and digital engagement solutions. The company’s offerings cater to a wide range of insurance carriers, enabling them to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction. With a focus on personal, commercial, and specialty insurance, OneShield’s solutions are designed to address the diverse needs of the insurance industry.

Cameron Parker, CEO at OneShield, shares his excitement about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration enables us to effectively meet the evolving needs of our customers, offering faster time-to-market, enhanced scalability, and increased innovation in technology initiatives.”

Empowering the Future of Insurance Solutions

The strategic partnership between JK Tech and OneShield marks a significant step towards empowering the future of insurance technology. The combined expertise of the two companies will enable insurers to embrace digital transformations, optimize workflows, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

From digital innovations that drive operational efficiency to transformative projects that cater to emerging insurance start-ups and MGAs, the partnership stands poised to create a lasting impact on the insurance industry.

As the global insurance landscape continues to evolve, this alliance is a testament to the commitment of both JK Tech and OneShield in driving meaningful change, championing responsible business practices, and advancing the realm of insurance technology. By leveraging their collective strengths, the companies aim to foster a sustainable and innovative insurance industry, meeting the demands of today’s dynamic market and creating a better tomorrow for insurers and their policyholders alike.

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