Launch of Fee Checkers – a new way for businesses to compare payment providers

May 21, 2023

Fee Checkers are pleased to announce the launch of an industry first card payment acceptance comparison platform, for UK businesses. The technology developed allows businesses to digitally compare their current fees and charges to ascertain if they can obtain a better deal.

Andy Fox, CEO and founder of Fee Checkers commented ‘the card acceptance switching model in the UK needed fixing. Businesses were unable to obtain a real time, digital comparison based on the transactions they process, instead having to contact several providers directly, and navigating through complex charging models.

Our research showed us that businesses who have switched before often incurred hidden fees, or in many cases, simply did not have the time to speak to various providers to find the best deal for their business.

Fee Checkers addresses these problems, as well as comparing against some of the lowest prices available, and unlike some existing website’s, Business owners won’t receive a barrage of sales calls, just data to help them compare.

As for the new provider, they will receive a qualified and exclusive referral, so all parties benefit’

Andy also mentioned that a number of providers had already joined the service with more set to be boarded in the coming weeks and months.

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