Localz adds Gamification to level Up Operative Engagement

March 4, 2023

Localz, leading experts in customer empowerment technology for the last mile, today announced a new module to help increase operative engagement. The Operative Engagement module uses gamification to encourage mobile workers to complete essential tasks contributing to operational efficiency and customer experience. Field staff can self-serve insights about their performance while benefiting from game design techniques that foster self-improvement. Operative Engagement complements Localz’ customer empowerment solutions to help provide a flawless last-mile experience.

The Operative Engagement module will enable more accurate, timely and complete data about the day of service and puts it in the hands of those with the most influence over outcomes – the operatives themselves. Utilising gamification techniques, Localz has created a solution that encourages teams to carry out routine tasks consistently and to a high standard. Employees have increased transparency of expected tasks, with concrete and achievable goals to meet. Staff can track their progress, get feedback on achievements, and connect with workmates through competition and shared goals. In addition, the output can be used in performance reviews and reporting. Managers can provide individual feedback or visualise their team’s alignment with overarching business goals and KPIs.

Mobile operatives have much to do aside from making a delivery or completing a repair. Tasks such as following the correct sequence, indicating that they’re on their way, and marking jobs as complete are essential to ensure a seamless last-mile service. Missing one of these tasks can result in operational challenges, incomplete data, and even a poor customer experience.

“We’ve heard from the thousands of technicians and field-based operatives that we work with that they’d like the answer to what is a deceptively easy question: “Am I doing a good job today?”. Feedback loops to the people who are out in the field and have the most impact on customer experience are often the longest with many having to wait for quarterly or even annual performance reviews for actionable feedback.

With Operative Engagement, we are changing the paradigm from being told ‘what you’re doing wrong’ to reinforcing what is being done right and providing real-time reward and recognition to help operatives consistently deliver great outcomes.

With the addition of useful hints and tips, the ability to introduce friendly competition between teams and fun game-like techniques, this tool is empowering operatives and the field service leaders who support them to be the best at what they do, every day.” said Tim Andrew, CEO of Localz.

For more information about Operative Engagement: https://blog.localz.com/product-news/operative-engagement-last-mile-driver-behaviour-app

About Localz:

Localz is the innovator of customer empowerment technology, helping companies to deliver frictionless customer experiences on the day of service.

Opportunities for engagement are opportunities for empowerment. Localz provides digital customer engagement tools, combining real-time location tracking and interactive customer communications. Taking the complexity out of the last mile, Localz offers businesses configurable solutions that bolt on to existing tech stacks seamlessly to improve customer satisfaction while reducing no-access and other operational costs.

Localz technology serves the entire customer journey. Developed for flexibility, businesses can select and seamlessly integrate Localz modules at any point in their workflow to improve operations and empower their customers.

Countless companies use Localz across various service and retail organisations, including Watford Housing, Fairhive Homes, Clarion Housing, Autoglass, Welsh Water, RAC, HSS Hire, and Rentokil.

For more information: www.localz.com

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