Logicalis: Elevating Digital Innovation as a Renewed Cisco Global Gold Integrator

July 9, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Logicalis continues its prestigious standing as a Cisco Global Gold Integrator, reinforcing a successful partnership of 25 years.
  • The tech giant’s alliance with Cisco empowers organisations to navigate the digital world with unmatched innovation and value.
  • With a focus on sustainability, the partnership aims to drive measurable progress in the fight against climate change.
  • Logicalis takes part in Cisco’s global initiative to responsibly repurpose and recycle end-of-use products.
  • Logicalis anticipates holding the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation (ESS) in all 15 countries where it’s available by July 2023.

About Logicalis

Known as ‘Architects of Change™’, Logicalis harnesses collective technology expertise to help clients carve a path to success in a digital-first world. They optimise operations, reduce risk, and empower employees through lifecycle services across cloud, connectivity, collaboration, and security.

As a global technology service provider, Logicalis delivers next-generation digital managed services, providing real-time visibility and actionable insights across clients’ digital ecosystems. This includes factors like availability, user experience, security, economic performance, and sustainability.

With over 7000 ‘Architects of Change’ in 30 territories worldwide, Logicalis serves over 10,000 clients across diverse industry sectors, driving sustainable outcomes through technology.

A Partnership Steeped in Innovation

Logicalis’ renewed status as a Cisco Global Gold Integrator is a testament to a partnership that has spanned nearly a quarter of a century. Together, they’ve created outcome-led solutions helping organisations navigate the complex landscape of the digital world.

Richard Simmons, VP Strategic Alliances at Logicalis, proudly stated, “Achieving the prestigious Cisco Global Gold Integrator status worldwide underscores Logicalis’ unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional technology services on a global scale.”

One of only six Cisco Global Gold Certified Partners, Logicalis consistently proves its aptitude for innovation, engagement, and value delivery, enhancing the digital experience for customers globally.

Driving Engagement and Innovation

In an era where connectivity is crucial, Logicalis and Cisco are at the forefront. Logicalis is one of only two global Cisco Partners offering Cisco’s Private 5G Solution as a managed service, further enhancing its value proposition.

Furthermore, Logicalis boasts a series of Cisco accolades, including five Cisco Powered validated specialisations in areas such as Viptela, Meraki Security, Secure Access, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), and SD-WAN. These specialisations emphasise Logicalis’ commitment to Cisco’s cross-architecture and managed solutions.

Championing Sustainability

Logicalis’ commitment to sustainable business practices is another highlight of this enduring partnership. The company aims to hold the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation (ESS) in all 15 countries where it’s available by July 2023.

As part of this commitment, Logicalis plays an active role in Cisco’s initiative to repurpose and recycle end-of-use products responsibly. Both organisations understand the environmental impact of tech waste and are jointly committed to tackling this challenge.

Nick Holden, Vice President, Global Strategic Partners and Co-Sell at Cisco, remarked, “Cisco and Logicalis are aligned in driving customer success through innovative business outcome-led solutions. We are committed to advancing innovation, enabling digital transformation, and providing industry-leading customer outcomes.”

Logicalis’ dedication to customer value, innovation, and sustainability through its partnership with Cisco continues to reinforce its position as a global leader in technology services. The company’s renewal as a Cisco Global Gold Integrator is not just an accolade but a testament to its dedication to driving digital transformation on a global scale.

Visit www.logicalis.com for more information.

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