London’s CleanTech Innovators: Paving the Way to a Greener Future

August 8, 2023

London, a global hub of innovation, is emerging as a hotbed for CleanTech startups that are revolutionizing the way we address environmental challenges. In this article, we shine a spotlight on 15 pioneering companies driving sustainable change and shaping a greener future.

EmitwiseEmpowering Carbon Management


Emitwise employs AI-powered technology to assist businesses in effectively tracking and managing their carbon footprint.

Storm4Connecting GreenTech Talent


Storm4 serves as a specialized GreenTech recruitment platform, connecting organizations with the senior talent needed to drive their environmental missions.

KitaPioneering Carbon Insurance


Kita introduces the world’s first carbon insurer, fostering innovative solutions to manage and offset carbon emissions.

PuraffinityPrecision Chemical Removal


Puraffinity develops precision materials targeting chemicals, with a particular focus on addressing PFAS in water.

envoPAPTransforming Sustainable Materials


envoPAP employs green technology to give agricultural waste a second life, contributing to sustainable materials solutions.

Save Your WardrobeCircular Fashion Digitization


Save Your Wardrobe revolutionizes fashion with a circular digital platform, streamlining post-purchase experiences and encouraging care and repair.

KoolingDecarbonizing Enterprises


Kooling leverages technology to empower enterprises in their journey towards decarbonization and environmental leadership.

Be NosyWearable Air Pollution Solutions

Be Nosy develops wearable air filters and an air pollution tracking network, enhancing air quality awareness.

Nozama.greenDriving Controlled Carbon Strategies offers a digital ecosystem enabling companies to implement controlled CO2 and SUP reduction strategies.

CounteractCombatting Climate Crisis


Counteract tackles climate challenges through insight, investment, and invention in innovative carbon removal methods.

Urban Electric NetworksCharging the EV Revolution


Urban Electric Networks is building low-impact charging infrastructure, essential for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in urban areas.

ARROEAugmenting Battery Sustainability


ARROE enhances the battery experience to reduce e-waste, contributing to more sustainable electronics usage.

LassoClosed-Loop Domestic Recycling


Lasso develops closed-loop domestic recycling appliances, making recycling a seamless part of everyday life.

GreengameIncentivizing Sustainable Behavior


Greengame collaborates with organizations to incentivize sustainable behavior through automated activity detection, gamification, and behavioral economics.

Odqa Renewable Energy TechnologiesAdvancing Heat Transport


Odqa Renewable Energy Technologies pioneers next-generation heat transport technology, contributing to the advancement of renewable energy solutions.

These visionary CleanTech startups are not only making their mark on London’s startup ecosystem but are also playing a crucial role in driving global sustainability efforts. With their innovative approaches and solutions, they’re proving that the path to a greener future is paved with groundbreaking technologies and a commitment to environmental preservation.

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