London’s Crowdfunding Champions: Revolutionizing Investment Opportunities

July 10, 2023


Crowdfunding has emerged as a game-changer in the world of investment, enabling individuals and businesses to raise funds and bring their ideas to life. In this article, we delve into the thriving crowdfunding landscape in London, highlighting 15 innovative platforms that are redefining investment opportunities. From real estate crowdfunding to sustainable fashion and impact investments, these startups are revolutionizing the way people invest and support ventures. Join us as we uncover the best crowdfunding platforms in London, driving the future of finance.

Bricksave – Real Estate Crowdfunding Made Accessible Bricksave offers a real estate crowdfunding platform that allows investors to participate in global property investments. Visit Bricksave

Everpress – Empowering Creators to Monetize Their Brand Everpress is a global marketplace that enables creators to monetize their brand through on-demand apparel sales. Explore Everpress

Propio – Connecting Investors with Property Development Propio is a crowdfunding platform that brings together investors and property firms seeking funding for development projects. Discover Propio

CrowdToLive – Collaborative Property Purchases through Crowdfunding CrowdToLive connects investors to individuals seeking equity partners to collectively purchase properties. Visit CrowdToLive

Brickowner – Streamlined Property Investment Platform Brickowner is a UK-based property investment platform that offers opportunities for investors to diversify their portfolios. Learn about Brickowner

TeamFirst – Empowering Fundraising for All TeamFirst is a fundraising platform that helps individuals and organizations raise funds for various causes. Discover TeamFirst

FavourUp – Geo-Targeted Advocacy for Brands FavourUp is an advocacy platform that helps brands create location-driven user-generated content and gain real-time insights. Visit FavourUp

MatchPlace Limited – Bridging the Gap between Financial Institutions and SMEs MatchPlace is a fintech platform that integrates financial services solutions, connecting financial institutions with SMEs. Explore MatchPlace

Loanhood – Sustainable Clothing Rental Loanhood offers a retail apparel store that provides sustainable clothing rental options for various occasions. Learn about Loanhood

Fruitful Homes™ – Affordable Homes through Crowdfunding Fruitful Homes combines real estate crowdfunding with modular home developments, creating beautiful and affordable homes. Discover Fruitful Homes™

Align17 – Connecting Private Wealth with Impact Investment Opportunities Align17 is a private marketplace that connects private wealth with vetted institutional impact investment opportunities. Visit Align17

Spring Financial Group – Transforming the Mortgage Industry Spring Financial Group aims to revolutionize the UK mortgage industry by providing innovative financing solutions. Learn about Spring Financial Group

Bedford Row Capital – Debt Capital Solutions for SMEs Bedford Row Capital assists SMEs from various sectors in raising debt capital through structured securities solutions. Explore Bedford Row Capital

AxiaFunder – Investing in Commercial Litigation AxiaFunder is an online crowdfunding platform that connects investors with vetted commercial litigation opportunities. Visit AxiaFunder

Igloo Crowd – Property Equity Crowdfunding for All Igloo Crowd is an equity crowdfunding platform for UK property, making property investment accessible to all. Discover Igloo Crowd


London’s crowdfunding landscape is flourishing, providing investors and entrepreneurs with exciting opportunities across diverse sectors. These 15 crowdfunding platforms are driving innovation and reshaping the investment ecosystem. Whether it’s real estate, sustainable fashion, or impact investments, London’s crowdfunding champions are empowering individuals to support ventures they believe in. Keep an eye on these startups as they continue to democratize finance, bringing new possibilities to the world of investment and entrepreneurship.

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