London’s Emerging Big Data Startups Pioneering UK’s Digital Landscape

January 10, 2024

In the increasingly digitized world, businesses are dealing with an explosion of data from various sources. This massive wave of information, known as big data, is becoming a crucial part of many industries, enabling businesses to gain insights that can drive decision making and strategy. Among the tech hub that is London, numerous startups are demonstrating innovation in the use of big data with a wide range of applications. These startups, established in 2020 and onwards, use big data to offer solutions from analytics to blockchain and artificial intelligence.

This article will shine a spotlight on startups whose foundations are built on big data and who have made London their home. These enterprises are making waves within their respective industries, leveraging the power of data to deliver unique solutions to complex challenges. They represent the vibrant diversity of London’s tech scene, signifying the city’s leading position within the global tech landscape.

The relentless disruption caused by the recent pandemic has only increased the necessity for businesses to understand and utilise their data effectively. In step with the need for innovative solutions to handle burgeoning data, these startups persistently push the boundaries, driving the evolution of big data usage.


Bitfount, founded by Blaise Thomson and Naaman Tammuz, is a London-based startup specialising in distributed data science. Operating at the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data, Bitfount enables data custodians and scientists to collaborate on federated and privacy-preserving data analyses. By making the world’s intractable data safely interactable, they’re creating a major transformation in the tech industry. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter (@bitfount) for updates.

FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics

FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics, co-founded by Chris Iveson and Robin Hartley, provides a productivity-maximizing platform for the manufacturing industry. Born out of Sheffield, the company embraces the power of analytics and big data to streamline efficiencies and support businesses in achieving their operational goals. You can find out more about their work on their LinkedIn and Twitter (@FourJawMA).


DropsTab presents a unique solution within the big data and blockchain arena. Their innovative cryptocurrency market tracker allows users to monitor their digital assets in real time. The London-based startup utilizes big data to gather information from both decentralized and centralized exchanges along with all blockchain transactions. This gives users access to relevant data about the crypto market. For more on DropsTab, visit their LinkedIn page and follow them on Twitter (@dropstab_com).

Gorton Software

Gorton Software is a London-based startup that is pioneering the possibilities of AI and analytics. Co-founded by Abhi Bhardwaj, the company crafts bespoke solutions powered by data and technology. Their innovative approach helps organisations globally solve some of their most complex challenges.


Aaron Phethean’s Matatika provides a comprehensive platform for big data, IT, and software solutions. Based in Berkhamsted, the startup is dedicated to leveraging data to fuel innovation and growth for businesses. Discover more about Matatika on their LinkedIn page and follow them on Twitter (@MatatikaBytes).

Vizniti Solutions

Offering a gamut of services from big data and blockchain to cloud computing and cyber security, London-based Vizniti Solutions leverages data to empower businesses. You can find out more about them on their LinkedIn page, Facebook and on Twitter (@vizniti).

Borago Insights

Founded by Emma Haslam, Borago Insights is a London-based startup specialising in analytics and big data. Focusing on the non-profit and consulting sector, Borago Insights uses data to create new opportunities and solve challenges. Find them on their LinkedIn page and Twitter (@BoragoInsights).


Co-founded by Jade Bates and Tom McDonough, Airslip harnesses the power of big data within the fintech industry. With a focus on delivering an innovative solution, Airslip is dedicated to leveraging data to revolutionise financial services. Discover more about them on their LinkedIn page, Facebook, and Twitter (@airslip1).


FutureMatch, created by Kufa Matiya, provides an end-to-end talent hiring platform powered by data science. From marketing and engagement to assessing and selection tools, the platform enables companies to access diverse talent and hire it into suitable roles optimally. Follow FutureMatch on their LinkedIn page and Twitter (@company/ for updates.


Tactic, a startup founded by Jack Hodkinson and Rudolf Lai, is a London-based enterprise software company specializing in predictive analytics. Their platform streamlines the research process and provides more actionable information for various projects. You can find them on their LinkedIn page and Twitter (@tactic_fyi).


Founded by Cian Kennedy and Emily Prevezer, elm is dedicated to bringing data superpowers to FMCG brands. elm’s all in one tool harnesses sales data to provide revenue-generating insights and actions. For more on elm, visit their LinkedIn page and follow them on Twitter (@getelmco).

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