London’s Emerging Market Leaders in the Advertising Startup Scene

January 10, 2024

London has always been a prominent hub for innovation and enterprises. Despite the challenges of economic and pandemic events in 2020, this city’s entrepreneurial spirit hasn’t been dampened. The year has seen the emergence of remarkable startups that have swiftly adapted to meet new market needs and opportunities, particularly in the advertising sector. Here we look at 12 Standout advertising Startups based in London that were founded in 2020.


Founded in 2020 by Christian Facey and Wilfrid Obeng, AudioMob offers a unique sales avenue by connecting brands with the mobile gaming audience through in-game audio ads. This innovative concept enables game developers to monetisze their projects via non-intrusive audio ads. With their London base, they are ideally situated to tap into the dynamic realm of mobile gaming. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Created during the first COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, Fanvue was founded by William Monange and YouTuber Joel Morris. Recognizing the rise of the direct-to-fan model, the founders aim to offer all content creators an alternative to OnlyFans and Patreon platform for showcasing their creativity.


Founded by Andrew Craissati, Chris Ancliff, Cliff Plumer, and Howie Singer, Auddy aims to ease the challenges creators face in navigating the vast and often fragmented podcast ecosystem. The startup provides resource-rich solutions via data insights and analytics, marketing and promotional services, and sales functions. Find Auddy on LinkedIn or Facebook.


The brainchild of Andrew Mole, Lou Carpino, and Nick Feneck, PubX utilises AI to enable publishers to boost their advertising earnings. Their automated tool provides a dynamic pricing solution that maximises revenues over CPM or fill-rate. Find them on LinkedIn.


Camilla Chesham and Zuka Kakabadze founded this digital signage content management software, which offers tools for social media feeds, custom content, and more. Fugo is ideal for managing small- to large-scale networks for healthcare, education, and food services sectors. Explore Fugo on LinkedIn or Facebook.


Focused on developing mobile applications for brand advertising and marketing, StoreLab was founded by Campbell Paton and Sam Beedell in 2020. Check them out on LinkedIn.

Lumi Digital

Specialising in web design and web development, Lumi Digital also delves into the content and advertising industry. Connect with them on Facebook.


Founded by Karolis Skripka, Malaberg offers brand builders services across various sectors, including health, nutrition, entertainment, advertising, creative, media buying, and more. They focus on developing accessible market products. Find them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Frank Terry, ReachInOut is a multi-channel engagement platform offering services such as content marketing, lead generation, linkedin outreach, email marketing, and cold calling. They aim to make connections and deliver results. Keep up with them on Facebook.


Created by Hubert Trinkunas, James Xu-Johnson, and Lavena Xu-Johnson, Wishu is a platform that helps creatives to stay updated with the latest industry news, trends, freelance jobs, resources, and inspirations. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Skale stands out in the digital media and advertising industry. Find them on LinkedIn for more.

Innovation and creativity have clearly not been hindered by the circumstances of 2020. These young startups are proof that London’s entrepreneurial flair is thriving, as they redefine the advertising industry with their potent mixes of technology, creativity, and business acumen. The future indeed looks promising for London’s business environment.

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