London’s Novel Blockchain Startups: Innovating England’s Digital Currency Scene

January 10, 2024

The burgeoning world of startups, especially those within the Blockchain industry, has seen exponential growth in recent years, with London becoming a hub for many of these enterprises. Many of these startups are making a significant impact in their respective fields and showing promising potential for the future. In this article, we will spotlight a selection of these startups, all of which were founded in 2020 or later and are based within the city of London.

Blockchain technology has been harnessing a plethora of attention over the last few years. It’s been revolutionising realms beyond Cryptocurrency, seeping into sectors such as Machine Learning, Art, Financial Services, and more. Through enabling decentralised transactions across a distributed network, Blockchain technology fosters transparency, security, and eliminations of intermediaries. Today, we showcase the startups that are shaping this technology into innovative products and services.

Please note, unless explicitly mentioned, these startups are operating and have their headquarters within London, England, United Kingdom. All of the company names link directly to their respective websites for your convenience.


Founded by Ben Fielding and Harry Grieve, Gensyn aims to usher in a new era in the eco-system of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Machine Learning. Labelled as a hyperscale, cost-efficient compute protocol, Gensyn focuses on deep learning models. Their services promise to be a game-changer in the realm of computing protocols. Connect with them through their LinkedIn page.

DFX Finance

DFX Finance, established by Adrian Li, Kevin Zhang and others, is a decentralized finance exchange protocol, optimized for non-U.S. dollar stable coins. Functioning at the intersection of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Financial Exchanges, and FinTech, DFX Finance brings a fresh approach to the financial domain. Stay updated with their progress on their Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.


Founded by Marek Claassen, Limna introduces a unique blend of Art, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain. Dubbed as the world’s first AI-powered art advisor, Limna makes art purchase an accessible and confident decision for its users. Leveraging machine learning, it analyses millions of art world data points and provides precise valuations, connecting art lovers with galleries worldwide. Get in touch with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


DropsTab, operating in the realm of Big Data, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Market Research, is the comprehensive cryptocurrency market tracker. It provides real-time data on assets’ performance from centralized and decentralized exchanges alongside all blockchain transactions. This allows users to have a thorough understanding of the crypto market. Stay connected with them through their Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Himalaya Exchange

Operating in the world of Cryptocurrency, Financial Services and FinTech, the Himalaya Exchange is carving a niche for itself in the Blockchain industry. Keep up with their latest developments on their Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.


With a vision to transform the African financial landscape, LINK IO was founded by Emmanuel Ebuka Evarist, Marvel George Ekpo, Tomisin Leshi, and Victor Nwaejie. Positioned as a web3 Cross border payments infrastructure for Africa, LINK IO brings about an amalgamation of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Debit Cards, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Payments, and Peer to Peer applications. Discover more about them on their Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.


Combining the worlds of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Online Games, and Video Games, Revoland manifests as a web3 game ecosystem. They provide services such as publishing, distribution, promotion, and NFT transactions for web3 games. Stay updated on their progress via their Twitter page.

BlockSwap Network

The BlockSwap Network stands at the junction of Blockchain and Software sectors. Their offerings promise to create waves in this domain. Connect with the team via their Twitter and LinkedIn profiles for more insights.


Founded by Pete Osborne and Robert Gaskell, Appold is a specialist company with a focus on the Web3 industry. They are experts in Blockchain technology, Decentralized finance, and Tokenisation of assets, whereby they advise various entities to expand their interests in these sectors. Join their journey through Twitter and LinkedIn.


Idexo, founded by Greg Marlin, is a forerunner in the Blockchain and Software industry. Their innovative developer tools are transforming the Blockchain landscape. Find out more about them at their website.

Fintech Review

Tristan Pelloux founded Fintech Review, a comprehensive platform providing insights, reviews, interviews and analysis on all things Fintech. It covers basic concepts and major trends across business, finance, economics and technology. Stay tuned with their work via their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

2020 and beyond have ushered in a plethora of startups driving innovation in London and across the globe. Keep an eye on these enterprises, for they are shaping the future of Blockchain with their groundbreaking solutions.

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