London’s Pioneering Aerospace Startups: Breakthrough Innovations in UK’s Sky

January 12, 2024

Investment in the aerospace industry has surged, particularly in the city of London. Many of these firms were founded in 2020 and beyond and serve as shining examples of the city’s tenacity and creativity in business. The UK’s rapidly growing aerospace sector is famed for its development of cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, making it a beacon of entrepreneurship. This article will feature some of the most noteworthy aerospace startups, all of which have been established recently, offering a unique perspective into this thriving industry.

There has been a significant rise in the number of startups since 2020, particularly in the aerospace sector. The boom is thought to stem from a combination of government support, advanced infrastructure, and a robust ecosystem of suppliers and customers. From innovative firms providing novel ways of monitoring animal populations to those building electric propulsion engines for more sustainable urban air mobility, London is indeed a fertile ground for aerospace startups.

We’ve rounded up some noteworthy startups that have recently entered the scene, encompassing a broad range of areas within the aerospace sector. The diversity of these companies is testament to the sheer range of opportunities available within this industry.

Piiq Risk Partners

Piiq Risk Partners, based in London, is a leading firm in the aerospace, consulting, insurance, and risk management sector. Piiq Risk Partners specialises in creating innovative strategies for its clients and empowers insurers to structure, price and manage risk at each stage of an aircraft’s economic life. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Eolas Insight

Located in Glasgow, Eolas Insight is an aerospace industry player that focuses on providing analytics and information to monitor animal populations and ecosystems. Find more about their work on their LinkedIn page.


Airwards, based in London, harnesses the power of drones for good, recognizing and promoting initiatives around the world that use drones for beneficial purposes. Check out their LinkedIn and Facebook pages for more information.

Parajet International

Parajet International, located in Shaftesbury, is popular in the aerospace, automotive, e-commerce, manufacturing, and sales sectors. Follow their journey on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Air Race

Founded in London in 2020, Air Race is committed to innovation, sustainability, and global reach in the motorsport world. Check out their LinkedIn profile to learn more.


LEROM, with its headquarters in London, is making a significant impact in the aerospace, industrial manufacturing, and manufacturing sectors. Visit their LinkedIn page for more.

Zeal Aerospace

Zeal Aerospace is a leading aerospace, management consulting, and transportation company based in Birmingham. Visit their website for more information on their innovative work.

Grayscale AI

Grayscale AI, based in London, is a pioneer in the aerospace, artificial intelligence, automotive, autonomous vehicles, computer vision, logistics, machine learning, robotics, and transportation industries. Founded by Dragos Stanciu, the company implements next-generation computer vision and AI to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability. More can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Based in Belfast, Anneal aims to simplify the engineering process by developing software that fosters improved communication and collaboration among engineering teams. You can find them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Lúnasa Space

Lúnasa Space, founded by Amin Chabi and based in London, is dedicated to developing Reusable Orbital Transfer Vehicles for Small Satellites. Stay updated through their LinkedIn page.


From Kidlington, Oxfordshire, Evolito is accelerating the growth of the electric Urban Air Mobility market with its unique technology. Keep up with their latest developments on Twitter and LinkedIn.

These are just a few of the aerospace startups that have taken flight in London and beyond. Stay tuned as we continue to highlight the promising firms shaping the future of this thriving sector.

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