London’s Real Estate Revolution: 15 Companies Transforming the Property Scene

December 1, 2023

The real estate industry in London is undergoing a significant transformation, thanks to the innovative approaches of various startups. These companies are redefining the landscape with cutting-edge technology and fresh ideas. Below, we explore 15 of these trailblazers, shedding light on how they are changing the game in London’s property market.

OneDome: The World’s First eHomeBuying Platform

Website: OneDome
OneDome is pioneering the eHomeBuying experience, offering a seamless, digital-first approach to purchasing homes.

Keyzy: A New Path to Homeownership

Website: Keyzy
Keyzy simplifies the home-buying journey, providing an easier and more accessible route to owning a home.

IMMO Capital: Machine-Driven Real Estate Portfolios

Website: IMMO Capital
At the forefront of technology, IMMO Capital is reshaping residential real estate investment with its machine-driven approach.

Giraffe360: Revolutionary 360° Real Estate Photography

Website: Giraffe360
Giraffe360 is transforming real estate listings with their cutting-edge 360° photography and virtual tour technology.

LATOKEN: The Intersection of Real Estate and Cryptocurrency

Website: LATOKEN
Blending real estate with digital assets, LATOKEN is a leading platform in the tokenization and exchange of properties.

Proportunity: Technological Advancement in Financial Services

Website: Proportunity
Proportunity brings a tech-driven twist to financial services in real estate, offering innovative solutions to homebuyers.

Nested: Data-Driven Estate Agency

Website: Nested
Nested leverages data analytics to enhance the estate agency experience, making property transactions more efficient.

Karma Kitchen: Revolutionizing Kitchen Spaces

Website: Karma Kitchen
Karma Kitchen offers unique shared and private kitchen spaces, providing scalable solutions for food businesses.

PerchPeek: AI-Powered Relocation Assistance

Website: PerchPeek
Using AI, PerchPeek streamlines the relocation process, guiding individuals seamlessly from search to settlement.

Wayhome: A Debt-Free Approach to Home Buying

Website: Wayhome
Offering a unique, debt-free pathway to homeownership, Wayhome is changing how people buy homes with minimal deposits.

Swapp: AI-Driven Planning Services

Website: Swapp
Swapp is innovating in planning methodologies, offering AI-driven solutions for efficient, end-to-end planning services.

YOPA: Comprehensive Real Estate Agency Services

Website: YOPA
YOPA combines technology with traditional real estate services, providing comprehensive assistance in property selling.

Houst: Advanced Short-Let Management

Website: Houst
Formerly Airsorted, Houst is a premier short-let management service, handling everything from cleaning to key management.

Modulous: Smart, Sustainable Home Solutions

Website: Modulous
Modulous is at the forefront of designing and delivering affordable, sustainable, and smart homes using disruptive technologies.

Residently: Streamlining the Rental Experience

Website: Residently
Residently offers a mobile app that simplifies the rental process for agents, property managers, and landlords.

These 15 companies represent the dynamic and innovative spirit of London’s real estate sector. Each, in its unique way, is contributing to a more efficient, accessible, and sustainable property market in one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

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