London’s Social Innovators: 15 Startups Transforming Connectivity and Community

November 27, 2023

1. onHand: Volunteering Simplified

  • Website: onHand
  • Description: onHand is revolutionizing the way we volunteer. Their app transforms employee volunteering into a hassle-free experience, akin to ordering a takeaway, thereby making social contribution more accessible and engaging.

2. BUA FIT: Fitness, United

  • Website: BUA FIT
  • Description: BUA FIT is a creative web platform connecting fitness enthusiasts with professionals. It promotes outdoor and online fitness classes, fostering a socially interactive fitness community.

3. Pally: Hyperlocal Social Connections

  • Website: Pally
  • Description: Pally addresses the challenges of post-pandemic socializing. This hyperlocal app is dedicated to fostering friendships and connections in a world moving beyond traditional social media platforms.

4. Bindr: Study Together, Grow Together

  • Website: Bindr
  • Description: Bindr is a unique platform encouraging students to study collectively and make new friends, blending academic collaboration with social networking.

5. Lapse: Capture Moments, Socially

  • Website: Lapse
  • Description: Lapse reimagines photography through a social lens. This disposable camera app lets users capture and share moments with a fun, social twist.

6. Sup app: Meeting Friends Made Easy

  • Website: Sup app
  • Description: Sup app is redefining how we meet friends. Their user-friendly mobile application facilitates easy meetups with nearby friends, enhancing social connectivity.

7. Sportas: Unite Through Sports

  • Website: Sportas
  • Description: Sportas is a vibrant social platform connecting sports enthusiasts, organizers, and venues. It’s about finding your team and playing the games you love.

8. Little Black Door: Fashion Socialized

  • Website: Little Black Door
  • Description: Little Black Door is for the fashion-forward. This app lets users manage, style, and share their wardrobes, creating a unique fashion-focused community.

9. Brandbassador: Empowering Brand Ambassadors

  • Website: Brandbassador
  • Description: Brandbassador bridges the gap between brands and their fans. It’s a platform where ambassadors engage with brands for rewards, redefining brand-customer relationships.

10. Waggle-It: Crowdsourcing Solutions

  • Website: Waggle-It
  • Description: Waggle-It is an innovative social polling app that allows users to anonymously seek solutions to everyday problems, leveraging the power of the crowd.

11. Circle Squared: CSR and Consumer Connectivity

  • Website: Circle Squared
  • Description: Circle Squared is about closing the loop between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and consumer awareness, creating a platform for seamless information flow.

12. Lessgo: Offline Social Networking

  • Website: Lessgo
  • Description: Lessgo challenges the online social norm by offering an ‘offline social network’, facilitating real-world interactions and connections.

13. My Community Capital: Socializing Locally

  • Website: My Community Capital
  • Description: This platform is about building community bonds. It simplifies setting up social activities and meeting local people, fostering community engagement.

14. TimeAway: Family Holidays, Redefined

  • Website: TimeAway
  • Description: TimeAway enriches family holidays with experiences vetted by like-minded parents, offering a unique perspective on travel for families.

15. Lupa: A Leap in Running Coaching

  • Website: Lupa
  • Description: Lupa is on a mission to create the world’s smartest running coach, combining technology and fitness to enhance the running experience.

Each of these companies exemplifies the innovative spirit of London’s social startup scene, leveraging technology to create more connected, engaging, and fulfilling social experiences.

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