London’s Software Revolution: The Top 15 Startups Reshaping the Industry

November 23, 2023


Website: Emperia
Description: Revolutionizing retail with immersive virtual experiences, Emperia is leading the charge in creating and managing dynamic virtual spaces for retailers, enhancing customer engagement and transforming shopping experiences.


Website: Landytech
Description: Landytech stands out in the software industry by offering investment reporting solutions tailored for asset managers, family offices, and fiduciaries, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in financial management.


Website: Apperio
Description: Apperio is a beacon in legal spend management, offering software that aids in-house legal teams in controlling expenses and building trust with external counsel, thereby streamlining legal operations.


Website: Aztec
Description: At the forefront of blockchain innovation, Aztec is developing a unique ethereum trading protocol to enable private transactions, safeguarding the integrity of public blockchain activities.

10X Banking

Website: 10X Banking
Description: 10X Banking is a visionary in financial service technology, reinventing how banking services are delivered with cutting-edge software solutions.


Website: Chattermill
Description: Chattermill takes customer intelligence to new heights, offering a platform that unifies and analyses customer feedback and conversation data for unparalleled insight into customer experiences.


Website: Valve
Description: Valve is innovating the flexible workspace industry with its global system, streamlining the management of these dynamic environments.

Vivacity Labs

Website: Vivacity Labs
Description: Vivacity Labs is reshaping transport data collection with intelligent cameras, employing advanced machine learning and computer vision techniques for real-time insights.


Website: CybSafe
Description: CybSafe is enhancing cybersecurity with its behavioral security platform, empowering individuals to make safer security decisions through data analytics.


Website: Infogrid
Description: Infogrid is pioneering AI in building management, automating and optimizing operations with cutting-edge technology for smarter, more efficient buildings.


Website: Sequence
Description: Sequence is revolutionizing FinOps for B2B companies with a new breed of tools and APIs, enabling dynamic and responsive pricing strategies.

ESG Book

Website: ESG Book
Description: ESG Book is a leader in sustainability data and technology, trusted by global financial organizations for its comprehensive and reliable insights.

Description: offers an innovative Slack-integrated incident management tool, streamlining the process of announcing, managing, and resolving incidents efficiently.


Website: Beacon
Description: Beacon is transforming the supply chain industry with its digital platform, offering insights and visibility for optimized supply chain management.


Website: Hotelmize
Description: Hotelmize is revolutionizing the hotel booking process with its platform that utilizes big data analysis for improved pricing and booking efficiency.

These 15 startups are not just shaping the software industry in London; they are redefining the global technological landscape with their innovative solutions and groundbreaking approaches.

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