London’s Tech Revolution: Unveiling the Top 15 Developer Tools Startups Transforming the Industry

December 1, 2023


London’s tech scene is bustling with innovative startups, each offering unique solutions to today’s software development challenges. In this feature, we spotlight 15 standout companies in the developer tools sector, showcasing how they are revolutionizing the industry.


Website: NeuralSpace
Industry Focus: NLP Solutions in 100+ Languages
About: NeuralSpace specializes in Natural Language Processing (NLP), offering comprehensive solutions in over 100 languages. Their platform is a one-stop destination for all NLP needs, catering to a global audience.


Website: Cerbos
Industry Focus: User Permissions and Authorization
About: Cerbos simplifies user permissions and authorization. Their software streamlines the implementation and management of complex access control systems.


Website: Plain
Industry Focus: Customer Support Tools
About: Plain enhances customer support for modern tools. Their platform is fast, flexible, and easily extendable, meeting the dynamic needs of customer service teams.

Skiller Whale

Website: Skiller Whale
Industry Focus: Personalized Tech Coaching
About: Skiller Whale is an online platform offering personalized tech coaching. They present an innovative alternative to traditional hiring practices in tech.


Website: Zeroheight
Industry Focus: DevOps and Design Systems
About: Zeroheight is a DevOps platform that allows design teams to create and maintain up-to-date style guides and design system resources efficiently.


Website: Crypcentra
Industry Focus: Digital Asset Investment Tools
About: Crypcentra offers a software application that facilitates digital asset investment, analytics, and execution tools for institutions.


Website: Acquia – Cohesion DX8
Industry Focus: Low-Code Website Development
About: Cohesion DX8 is known as the world’s only low-code platform for designing, building, and managing enterprise websites.


Website: Opsly Cloud
Industry Focus: No-Code Cloud and DevOps Platform
About: Opsly provides a No-Code Cloud and DevOps Platform, catering to businesses looking to streamline cloud and DevOps processes without extensive coding knowledge.


Website: Polydone
Industry Focus: Agile Project Management
About: Polydone is a project management platform designed specifically for Agile teams, enhancing team efficiency and project tracking.


Website: Stepsize
Industry Focus: Software Development Tools
About: Stepsize builds devtools that empower teams to develop better software faster, focusing on improving software development workflows.


Website: GDevelop
Industry Focus: Game Engine Development
About: GDevelop is an open-source, cross-platform game engine designed for accessibility, allowing a wide range of users to develop games.


Website: LoopPerfect
Industry Focus: C++ Development
About: LoopPerfect aims to streamline the development of C++ code with a just-in-time compiler, enhancing the efficiency of C++ programming.

Industry Focus: Workflow Automation
About: is a coding tool that specializes in automating complex workflows, making process management more efficient.

Comidor Low-Code and Automation Platform

Website: Comidor
Industry Focus: Business Process Management
About: Comidor provides business process management software, digital workplace applications, and disruptive automation technologies powered by Low-Code.

Moonshot Partners

Website: Moonshot Partners
Industry Focus: Product and Software Development
About: Moonshot Partners is a boutique agency specializing in product and software development, offering tailored solutions to tech companies.


These 15 London-based startups are at the forefront of the developer tools industry, each contributing innovative solutions and fresh perspectives. From NLP to game development, they are redefining what’s possible in tech, solidifying London’s position as a global tech hub.

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