London’s Top UX Design Startups: From Strategy to Execution

October 5, 2023

1. Hiyield: The All-in-One Design Solution
Hiyield serves as a one-stop-shop for businesses, providing software development, UX design, web development, and branding services. With their diverse service portfolio, Hiyield ensures a cohesive digital experience for users.

2. Memorisely: The Online Hub for Aspiring Designers
The digital world is ever-changing, and Memorisely is ensuring designers keep up. Through their live Bootcamp programs and online classes, they’re fostering the next generation of UX/UI designers.

3. Silicon Reef: Streamlining Your Microsoft Experience
Many businesses use Microsoft tools, but not all utilize them to their full potential. That’s where Silicon Reef comes in, optimizing SharePoint and Microsoft 365 solutions for businesses.

4. WeUno: Your Multidisciplinary Digital Partner
From branding to mobile app design, WeUno covers a wide spectrum of digital services. Their holistic approach ensures consistency and high-quality deliverables across platforms.

5. bn digital: Crafting Strategy With Design
bn digital goes beyond mere design by integrating effective strategies, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics cater to target audiences.

6. Aela: E-learning for the Digital Age
With a focus on Design, UX & Digital Products, Aela is transforming online education, making it more accessible and tailored to the industry’s needs.

7. Changing Digital: Pioneering Digital Innovations
At the forefront of digital transformations, Changing Digital aids businesses in innovating their platforms, always staying a step ahead in the competitive landscape.

8. UX Academy: Expert Training for UX Enthusiasts
Whether you’re starting out or looking to upskill, UX Academy offers flexible part-time, online, and evening courses tailored to every learner.

9. Digiruu: Simplifying App Creation for Businesses
Understanding the importance of mobile presence, Digiruu offers efficient solutions for businesses to have their professional app without the usual complexities.

10. Thought&Function: Customized Digital Products at Your Fingertips
Specialising in custom software products, Thought&Function ensures businesses get tailor-made solutions that resonate with their unique needs.

11. Rebel Software: Transforming Digital Realities
Offering a spectrum of services, from UI design to software development, Rebel Software is the catalyst for businesses looking to elevate their digital presence.

12. Bowman: Crafting Digital Masterpieces
Bowman takes pride in creating meaningful digital products, brands, and experiences, ensuring every project is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

13. This is Undefined: Beyond Conventional Design Solutions
From MVP services to e-commerce solutions, This is Undefined pushes the boundaries of what design agencies traditionally offer.

14. Mendee.Digital: Making an Impact through Web Development
At the intersection of technology and social good, Mendee.Digital operates as a web development studio with a mission.

15. TeamAlfy: Design with Purpose and Passion
TeamAlfy is not just another web design company. With expertise in graphic and user experience design, they craft digital platforms that truly resonate with users.

With London being a hotbed of creativity and innovation, these companies are shaping the future of UX design. Whether you’re an aspiring designer, a business, or someone intrigued by the world of digital design, there’s no better time to explore what London’s UX scene has to offer.

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