MahiMarkets responds to growing interest in CFD trading with transformative pricing product

April 9, 2023

MahiMarkets have announced today their latest product enhancement,  enabling brokers full autonomy over crafting their CFD pricing.

Until now, brokers have often relied on just one liquidity provider for pricing to each instrument, creating a single point of failure, and potential for poor pricing in illiquid hours.

With specialist CFD pricing techniques, MahiMarkets’ clients are now able to create a significant, measurable increase in B-book PnL. Users can benefit from features such as liquidity reduction and sophisticated skew drivers to maximise yield, whilst delivering very tight spreads to customers with zero slippage. It is even possible to create spreads that are tighter than those available from the LP.

Bespoke CFD pricing and risk management techniques can:

  •  Reduce overall company risk
  •  Reduce NOP held at LPs to make collateralisation cheaper
  •  Make pricing more resilient
  •  Help attract good client flow and defend against bad client flow
  •  Protect against swarm and machine gun traders

Andrew Morgan, Chief Product Officer at MahiMarkets, has said of the news, “Despite seeing huge growth in this asset class from clients and prospects, it’s all too common for brokers to still be offering a single LP solution. This can often be detrimental to their business if any outages or single LP price issues were to occur. Our predictive pricing enables our clients to produce tailored pricing models for different types of liquidity, spread control, market volatility response and arbitrage protection, instead of delegating all of that to a single external LP. As markets continue to evolve, we’re proud to offer innovative new and enhanced features within our award-winning software that adds true value for our clients.”

About MahiMarkets

Established in 2010, MahiMarkets combines extensive trading knowledge and robust engineering to provide technology solutions for a range of market participants across asset classes. MahiMarkets’ empowers clients by enabling them to form their own pricing, protect their business and lower their risk resulting in substantial and transformative savings.

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