Marc Dechamps of Bioxodes Honored as ‘Biotechnology CEO of the Year – Europe’ in Prestigious CEO Awards

August 26, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Marc Dechamps, CEO of Belgian biotech company Bioxodes, has been recognized as the ‘Biotechnology CEO of the Year – Europe’ in the 2023 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards.
  • Dechamps leads Bioxodes in developing a groundbreaking treatment for haemorrhagic strokes by preventing blood clots and inflammation, using an innovative drug candidate called Ir-CPI.
  • The CEO Awards program aims to celebrate exceptional C-Level executives across various sectors, acknowledging their leadership and inspiring others to achieve similar success.

Illuminating Excellence: Marc Dechamps Receives CEO Award

LONDON, Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The distinguished 2023 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards has shone a spotlight on the exemplary leadership of Marc Dechamps, CEO of Bioxodes, a prominent Belgian biotech company. With a resounding endorsement, Marc Dechamps has been named ‘Biotechnology CEO of the Year – Europe’ for his pioneering contributions to the field of thrombo-inflammation, particularly in relation to stroke treatment.

Celebrating Outstanding Leadership

In a landscape where success is often attributed to companies as a whole, the CEO Awards program stands out by recognizing and celebrating individual leaders who drive innovation and impact within their organizations. This unique approach underscores the significance of C-Level executives who shape the course of their industries through exceptional leadership.

Revolutionizing Stroke Treatment: Marc Dechamps and Bioxodes

Marc Dechamps’ visionary leadership at Bioxodes has yielded transformative advancements in medical treatment, particularly in the realm of haemorrhagic strokes. Under his guidance, Bioxodes is pioneering a groundbreaking treatment that targets haemorrhagic strokes by preventing blood clots and inflammation. This innovative treatment, known as Ir-CPI, is the result of extensive research into tick feeding behaviors.

With over 35 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Marc Dechamps’ expertise is steering a revolution in medical solutions. Ir-CPI, the fruit of Bioxodes’ innovative research, holds the potential to redefine stroke treatment.

Unveiling a Unique Therapeutic Solution

One of the major challenges in anticoagulant medication is the increased risk of bleeding in patients. Leveraging insights from ticks’ blood-feeding process, Bioxodes has identified molecules that prevent clot formation without elevating bleeding risks. By harnessing these molecules, Bioxodes has developed a novel therapeutic solution that addresses both neuroinflammation and blood clot formation in haemorrhagic stroke patients.

This groundbreaking discovery is particularly significant as haemorrhagic strokes lacked a specific treatment. Bioxodes’ new therapeutic approach is set to fill this void, promising a multifaceted solution to address the complex challenges associated with haemorrhagic stroke treatment.

A Pioneer in Pharma: Marc Dechamps’ Legacy

Marc Dechamps’ impactful journey in the pharmaceutical realm has seen him collaborate with major industry players, including GSK and ViiV Healthcare. His expertise spans market development for innovative products catering to infectious diseases, immunological disorders, central nervous system disorders, vaccines, and cancer. Dechamps’ commitment to enhancing the quality of life for patients across the globe is the driving force behind his endeavors.

Recognizing and Inspiring Excellence

The CEO Awards program is more than a celebration of individual success; it serves as an inspiration for future leaders to follow suit. By acknowledging the contributions of exceptional leaders like Marc Dechamps, the awards inspire others to drive innovation, impact, and transformation in their respective fields.

To delve into the science behind Bioxodes’ pioneering work, visit:

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