MarketsandMarkets™ Opens New Office in London to Expand its Presence in Europe

February 20, 2023

MarketsandMarkets™, a blue ocean growth consulting and program management firm, is pleased to announce the opening of its new office in London, UK. The new office will support customers based in Europe that have chosen MarketsandMarkets to expand its presence and serve the UK and European markets efficiently.

Sarwant Singh, President (Europe) and Chief Commercial Officer, MarketsandMarkets, is based out of London, UK, and will be overlooking the Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa region and also being the global practice leader of the Mobility group. “European businesses are already exploring new dimensions in sustainability, mobility, digital health, web 3.0, and cybersecurity. MarketsandMarkets will help European businesses’ go-to-market activities to flourish in the new economy. It only reaffirms our commitment to our European business partners and clients as we add more strength to our advisory team,” said Sarwant Singh.

About MarketsandMarkets™

MarketsandMarkets™ is a blue ocean alternative in growth consulting and knowledge services for progressive B2B firms.

The B2B economy is witnessing disruptions driving the emergence of new revenue streams worth $25 trillion in this decade alone. We work with clients on five types of growth programs, helping them monetize this $25 trillion opportunity. Our AI-driven market intelligence cloud, ‘The KnowledgeStore,’ enables clients to look at entire ecosystems and understand revenue shifts.

To find out more, visit www.MarketsandMarkets™.com

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