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September 2, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Marco D’Amore, co-founder and CEO of ErmesHotels, clinches the title for “Most Innovative CEO in the Hospitality Industry – Southern Europe” at the 2023 Business Worldwide CEO Awards.
  • ErmesHotels empowers hoteliers through cutting-edge technology, boasting an impressive portfolio of over 900 clients.
  • The Rome-based company offers a robust Distribution Management System (DMS), designed to meet the evolving needs of the hospitality industry.

About ErmesHotels

Founded in 2004, ErmesHotels stands as Italy’s leading entity in the online distribution of hotel accommodations. With roots in Rome, the company specializes in providing technology-driven solutions to hoteliers, empowering them to optimize their rates and inventories effectively. With a compelling portfolio of over 900 clients, ErmesHotels continues to pioneer simplified yet robust technology for managing online and offline distribution channels.

Marco D’Amore: The Innovator at the Helm

Marco D’Amore brings two decades of diverse experience in the hospitality sector, covering managerial, operational, financial, and marketing roles. Co-founded alongside Roberto Romano, an IT expert, and Roberto Santecca, a marketing professional, ErmesHotels is a testament to Marco’s innovative vision. His recent accolade as the “Most Innovative CEO in the Hospitality Industry – Southern Europe” affirms his commitment to revolutionizing the industry.

“ErmesHotels uses innovative systems to empower hoteliers and help them remain competitive in an evolving marketplace,” says Marco D’Amore.

The 2023 Business Worldwide CEO Awards: A Spotlight on Leaders

The Business Worldwide CEO Awards aim to celebrate exemplary leadership across various industries globally. Unlike conventional business awards focusing on companies, these awards put the spotlight squarely on the individuals steering these enterprises. Marco D’Amore’s win is not just an honor but a case study for other aspiring leaders.

Innovative Solutions: What Sets ErmesHotels Apart?

Distribution Management System (DMS)

The company’s proprietary Distribution Management System (DMS) is agile, responsive, and adaptable to the fluctuating dynamics of the hotel industry. It aids hoteliers in effectively managing their online and offline distribution, ranging from direct bookings to collaborations with travel agencies and tour operators.

Secure and User-Friendly Platforms

ErmesHotels ensures that their platforms are not only technologically advanced but also secure and user-friendly. Payment processing and booking software are designed for easy access and high security, contributing to an enhanced customer experience.

Leveraging Instant Messaging

In a world where speed and convenience are currency, ErmesHotels integrates instant messaging services like WhatsApp into its platform. This real-time communication tool allows for swift and efficient correspondence between hoteliers and customers.

Global Payment Partners

With partnerships across 12 major payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and Planet, ErmesHotels facilitates multiple currencies and cross-border transactions, broadening the potential customer base for hoteliers.

The Road Ahead: ErmesHotels’ Future Prospects

The future appears bright for ErmesHotels as they continue to evolve, keeping pace with industry demands and technological advancements. Their CEO’s recent win in the 2023 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards is indicative of a company culture that values innovation and strong leadership, promising an exciting journey ahead.

“Recognising the need for a comprehensive and streamlined solution, ErmesHotels can now boast an impressive portfolio of more than 900 clients,” comments Marco D’Amore.


Marco D’Amore’s recent accolade at the Business Worldwide CEO Awards is a crowning achievement for both him and ErmesHotels. As the hospitality industry undergoes continual change, one thing remains constant: the need for innovative solutions that empower hoteliers. And in this landscape, ErmesHotels, under Marco D’Amore’s leadership, stands as a beacon of innovation and effective management.

To find out more about their innovative offerings, visit ErmesHotels.

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