MeasureMatch Announces Partnership with Trustshare to Enhance Professional Services Marketplace Security, Governance, and Payment Terms

June 19, 2023

MeasureMatch, the premier marketplace platform for cloud software implementation and analytics engineering professional services, today announced a partnership with Trustshare, a global financial infrastructure solution for B2B marketplaces. The strategic collaboration bolsters governance, compliance, and payment solutions across MeasureMatch’s marketplace platform, serving clients, service providers and software vendors worldwide.

Key innovative features resulting from this partnership include:

Credit Lines

Eligible clients in select regions, including the UK and US, can now instantly access ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ credit lines up to $/£/€ 250,000. This groundbreaking feature empowers clients with unmatched financial flexibility, enabling them to procure essential professional services on-demand and at substantial scale.

Flexible Payment Terms (Buy Now, Pay Later)

Clients can choose from a range of payment terms, including 30, 60, 90-day, or end-of-next-month options. This flexibility is transformational in a professional services marketplace framework, accommodating service providers requiring shorter payment terms (e.g., net 10 or net 30 days) to collaborate confidently with clients who prefer longer payment terms (e.g., net 60 or 90 days).

Identity Verification

All MeasureMatch marketplace participants now undergo a state-of-the-art ID verification process, adding extra layers of security to transactions and ensuring the trustworthiness of all parties involved.

According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), 80-90% of global trade uses trade financing solutions. But with banks increasingly limiting lending, alternative solutions like Trustshare are bridging this gap.

“In the best of times, all businesses need partners that add measurable value, and most need flexible payment terms, too,” said James Sandoval, MeasureMatch’s Founder and CEO. “Our partnership with Trustshare achieves both, and further strengthens our commitment to providing a secure, high-value and flexible marketplace for each of our customers.”

“We are excited to partner with MeasureMatch,” added Nick Fulton, Co-founder and CEO at Trustshare. “Instant credit terms and enterprise-grade KYC will be game-changers for businesses using the MeasureMatch marketplace, not to mention making it safer, more flexible, and highly reliable.”

“The MeasureMatch marketplace has been incredibly valuable to me and White Marble Consulting over the past year, giving us access to amazing resource as and when we need it. The MeasureMatch team are incredibly supportive and I love the continual product development – MeasureMatch’s partnership with Trustshare is another step in building my confidence in our ongoing use of the marketplace,” said Andrew Scott, Managing Director, White Marble Consulting, a UK, US and South Africa-based marketing consultancy for the wealth and asset management industry.

To learn more about how MeasureMatch and Trustshare deliver value for business leaders solving for cloud software and analytics business needs visit and

About MeasureMatch

MeasureMatch is a professional services marketplace that connects businesses with top-tier cloud software implementation and analytics engineering consultancies, agencies, systems integrators and independent consultants. Cloud software and data are better with MeasureMatch.

About Trustshare

Trustshare is a technology company providing secure, global financial infrastructure for online marketplaces. With coverage in over 220 countries, Trustshare ensures safe transactions for businesses worldwide, offering a high level of trust and transparency in the digital economy.

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