Moelven’s Visionary Leap Into the Cloud: How IFS Cloud is Shaping the Future of Scandinavian Wood Processing

September 2, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Moelven Industrier ASA upgrades its existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to IFS Cloud for comprehensive operational support.
  • The upgrade is aimed at achieving operational efficiency, enhancing customer order management, and adapting to market dynamics.
  • Morten Kristiansen, Group CEO at Moelven, emphasizes the critical role of up-to-date information from the entire value chain for continuous improvement.
  • The long-term partnership between Moelven and IFS enters a new phase of trust-based technological innovation.

About Moelven Industrier ASA

Moelven Industrier ASA is one of Europe’s front-runners in the production and distribution of wood building products and systems. The company has a sprawling operational footprint with 41 units across Norway and Sweden and sales operations extending to Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, and China. With over 3,300 employees, Moelven serves customers in 47 countries and has been in operation for almost 125 years. For more information, visit Moelven’s website.

The Decision to Upgrade

Moelven, always at the forefront of technological innovation, has decided to transition its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to IFS Cloud. The move is designed to streamline various functional areas, including supply chain, finance, manufacturing, warehouse management, and maintenance operations.

“Evergreen” and Agile: Navigating Market Dynamics

In the words of Morten Kristiansen, Group CEO at Moelven, “Moelven has existed for almost 125 years. It is in our DNA to continuously improve through technology and changing markets. A company does not survive for 125 years if they are not able to change continuously.”

The choice of an “evergreen” ERP platform is closely aligned with Moelven’s ambition for agility and flexibility. These qualities are vital for adapting to market changes and achieving internal operational excellence. The focus on continuous improvement is deeply connected to optimizing the use of resources.

Enhancing Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency

One of the major benefits of the transition is the impact on Moelven’s customer relations. The IFS Cloud will facilitate more accurate order management, ensuring products reach the right destinations in the right quantities and at the right times. This will lead to an overall improvement in customer experience and operational efficiency.

The Importance of Detailed Information

Kristiansen elaborated on the pivotal role of real-time, accurate information: “For Moelven it is all about analyzing the operational processes, secure optimal usage of resources and reduce costs. This way we secure that we always remain internationally competitive. One prerequisite to achieve this is direct access to detailed, reliable and up-to-date information from the entire value chain. Upgrading our current IFS solution to IFS Cloud will therefore be fundamental for preparing for Moelven’s future.”

Beyond Software: The IFS Customer Success Framework

Moelven is also availing of the IFS Customer Success framework, an initiative designed to support customers throughout their engagement cycle with IFS. This includes not only software support but also the provision of value at every stage of the customer experience.

A Journey of Trust and Shared Vision

Glenn Arnesen, President Global Install Base at IFS, emphasized the enduring partnership between the two companies: “We have worked with Moelven for over twenty-five years now and have a strong trust-based partnership. We are looking forward to helping Moelven to scale and grow and drive further operational efficiencies both today and long into the future.”

Concluding Thoughts

The upgrade to IFS Cloud marks a significant milestone in Moelven’s journey towards technological innovation and operational excellence. The collaboration with IFS goes beyond mere transactional engagements and represents a shared commitment to continuous improvement, scalability, and sustainability. As the wood processing industry faces increasing complexities, Moelven’s proactive approach positions it well for future challenges and opportunities.

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