MoltexFLEX: Charting a New Course in Advanced Nuclear Technology

July 22, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  1. The UK Government, via the Nuclear Fuel Fund (NFF), awards MoltexFLEX a £1.3 million grant to expedite the development of fuel for its FLEX reactor.
  2. This award propels the UK forward in the global nuclear sector and underscores the growing external validation of MoltexFLEX’s work.
  3. The FLEX reactor and GridReserve energy storage technology from MoltexFLEX are slated to provide flexible energy that complements intermittent renewables.

About MoltexFLEX

MoltexFLEX, a Warrington-based subsidiary of Moltex Energy Limited, is at the forefront of advanced nuclear technology in the UK. The firm’s groundbreaking FLEX reactor aims to deliver clean, low-cost, and reliable energy, complementing renewables like wind and solar. MoltexFLEX intends to have the first FLEX reactor operational by the turn of the decade.

A Big Win for Advanced Nuclear Technology

MoltexFLEX, the British advanced nuclear technology developer, has bagged a government grant worth £1.3 million from the Nuclear Fuel Fund. This grant is a significant contribution to the development of commercial-scale delivery of its low-enriched uranium fuel salt.

Expressing his delight, MoltexFLEX CEO David Landon remarked, “This award represents an important signal of support from Government for advanced modular reactors in the UK, and helps MoltexFLEX make significant progress in commercialising the fuel salt manufacturing route for the FLEX reactor.”

The Fusion of Innovation and Sustainability

MoltexFLEX is making strides with its innovative FLEX reactor and GridReserve energy storage technology. These developments are geared towards generating flexible energy that synergizes with intermittent renewables like wind and solar. With plans to expand its team to several hundred employees within a few years, the company is set for an ambitious growth trajectory.

External Validation and Growth

The NFF grant underscores the growing external validation of MoltexFLEX’s progression. In addition to this, the company received funding from the Henry Royce Institute earlier this year and was one of the proud winners of the Green Builders of Tomorrow, an initiative supported by the Department for International Trade.

The announcement of the award took place at the launch event of the new governmental body, Great British Nuclear (GBN). GBN is part of a series of initiatives representing a renaissance in the UK nuclear sector, and MoltexFLEX is poised to be at the forefront of this movement.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Nuclear Energy

MoltexFLEX has its sights set on delivering its first reactor in the UK around the turn of the decade, working with prospective partners and engaging potential customers globally. This effort, aided by the NFF grant, will further solidify the UK’s leadership position in the global nuclear sector.

In the quest for cleaner and more reliable energy sources, the fusion of innovation and sustainability exemplified by MoltexFLEX’s work will continue to lead the way. The future of nuclear technology is bright, and companies like MoltexFLEX are set to illuminate the path forward.

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