Nature Takes a Seat at the Board Table: Faith In Nature’s Pioneering Crowdfunding Initiative

July 21, 2023

Key Takeaways

  1. Faith In Nature, an ethical personal care brand, has launched its first-ever Crowdcube campaign to boost sustainability practices and generate eco-friendly products.
  2. The brand made headlines as the first to appoint “Nature” to its board of directors, giving the environment a legal voice and vote in all business decisions.
  3. The crowdfunding initiative aims to raise over £500,000 to support their sustainability moves and cater to the increasing demand for eco-friendly consumer choices.
  4. The company is also a B Corp, aiming to continually reimagine what it means to be a green company in today’s world.

About Faith In Nature

Since its establishment in 1974, Faith In Nature has been a vanguard in ethical personal care. Recently, it created waves by becoming the world’s first brand to assign a seat to “Nature” on its board of directors, empowering the natural world with a legal voice and vote in business matters. Today, Faith In Nature continues to make history by launching their inaugural Crowdcube campaign, aimed at making positive environmental choices more accessible for consumers.

Seeding Change: The Crowdfunding Campaign

This crowdfunding initiative is part of the brand’s commitment to the planet, a strategic move to raise upwards of £500,000 for furthering sustainability actions and developing eco-friendly products. This effort will contribute to creating an environment that encourages modern consumers to choose sustainable options.

Simeon Rose, Faith In Nature’s creative director and Nature on the Board co-founder, elaborates, “It’s an exciting time as we welcome investors for the first time in 50 years. We truly believe that this isn’t just an opportunity to invest in a commercially successful brand, but in everything we stand for too. From seeking out sustainable innovation to being at the forefront of the legal rights of nature movement, we want to make it even easier to do good both for people and the planet.”

Catering to Eco-conscious Consumers

Faith In Nature understands that sustainability isn’t a passing fad. A research report showed that 91% of shoppers view sustainable packaging, a brand’s ethical reputation, and its ability to effect positive social change as critical deciding factors.

Being pioneers of the refillables trend since the 70s, Faith In Nature has managed to cater to the rising tide of eco-conscious consumers. They offer a range of 1-20L refillable products and have refill stations across the UK, thus significantly reducing packaging waste. The brand has successfully saved over 100,000 kilos of plastic through recyclable packaging and has planted over 33,000 trees with the TreeSisters charity.

Charting New Green Frontiers

Faith In Nature’s recent B Corp status further asserts their commitment to the environment. They intend to “continually reimagine what it means to be a green company in today’s world,” using funds from the crowdfunding initiative for various green measures. This includes moving to a greener manufacturing site, creating products suited for a circular economy, and reducing their carbon footprint. The company reduced energy consumption in their manufacturing process by 40% last year alone and has plans to cut it down by an additional 20% in the next 18 months.

Join the Journey

Faith In Nature’s crowdfunding campaign opens up a unique opportunity for anyone passionate about environmental sustainability. The pre-registration for the Faith In Nature crowdfund is now open at

Faith In Nature’s forward-thinking stance sets a new benchmark for companies worldwide. By giving Nature a seat at the table and launching a crowdfunding campaign to bolster their sustainability initiatives, Faith In Nature is creating a path to a greener, more sustainable future.

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