Navigating Excellence: London’s Pioneering Consulting Startups

August 8, 2023

London’s bustling startup scene isn’t just about tech and innovation – it’s also home to a vibrant community of consulting startups reshaping the way businesses seek expert advice. This article delves into 15 exceptional consulting companies in London, UK, that are disrupting traditional consulting paradigms with their forward-thinking solutions.

proSapientA Network of Insights


proSapient harnesses the power of global consultations and surveys to create a research platform that aggregates insights from executives and SMEs.

Opus SafetyDriving Safety Management with Technology


Opus Safety is a software developer specializing in safety management and risk assessment, enhancing workplace safety through technology.

Della AIAccelerating Contract Review with AI


Della AI employs artificial intelligence to expedite contract review, making legal processes more efficient.

FlowBankEmpowering Financial Decision-Making


FlowBank is a multi-asset trading platform that offers a comprehensive range of online banking and investment services.

EarthlyDriving Sustainability and Social Impact


Earthly’s platform enables businesses to address climate change by removing carbon, restoring nature, and supporting vulnerable communities.

TreasurySpringOptimizing Cash Management


TreasurySpring’s unique fintech platform empowers clients to maximize returns and minimize risk on excess cash.

Vektor AIFueling Tech Careers


Vektor AI serves as a career platform for tech professionals, connecting them with opportunities in the industry.

UniAccoElevating Student Accommodation Choices


UniAcco’s trusted prop-tech platform assists students in finding suitable accommodations by comparing and consulting their options.

SilverbulletData-Driven Consulting Excellence


Silverbullet specializes in data, content, programmatic services, and products, offering cutting-edge consulting solutions.

CourtCorrectFuture-Ready Case Management


CourtCorrect introduces intelligent case management solutions, transforming the way legal cases are handled.

ClearGlassBridging the Gap in Asset Management


ClearGlass acts as a digital intermediary between asset managers and pension funds, enhancing transparency and efficiency.

ForestreetEnhancing Business Decisions


Forestreet assists businesses in selecting the right firms by leveraging a proprietary whole-of-market database of digital leaders.

T8Holistic Wealth Management


T8 offers a comprehensive wealth management platform that covers investment, finance, and payments.

Founder and LightningEmpowering Startup Founders


Founder and Lightning partners with ambitious startup founders, providing them with the team, tools, expertise, and scale to succeed.

Filament AIEmpowering AI Capability


Filament AI helps clients build proprietary AI capabilities within their organizations, offering consultancy, solutions, and tooling.

These 15 London-based consulting startups are at the forefront of redefining how businesses access expert guidance, offering innovative solutions that propel businesses toward success in a rapidly changing world.

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