Navigating London: Exploring the Exciting World of Location Based Services Startups

July 10, 2023


London, a bustling metropolis known for its vibrant energy and diverse communities, is also home to a thriving startup ecosystem that is shaping the future of location-based services. These startups leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance our experiences, whether it’s finding local services, discovering hidden gems, or connecting with like-minded individuals. In this article, we highlight 15 exciting location-based services startups in London that are transforming how we navigate and engage with the city. Join us as we delve into the dynamic world of London’s location-based services startups that are revolutionizing the way we connect and explore.

TubeChat – Bringing Social Interaction to the Underground TubeChat is the only short-range messaging app designed for the London Underground, where cellular and Wi-Fi connections are unavailable. Discover TubeChat

Fitu App – Group Fitness Classes on Demand Fitu App offers group fitness classes from freelance trainers at any desired time and location, making fitness accessible to all. Visit Fitu App

GeoGenie – Real-Time Booking of Local Service Providers GeoGenie enables customers to contact and book service providers in their local area in real-time using geo-location technology. Explore GeoGenie

Bunny AI – Connecting Users with On-Demand Local Services Bunny AI is a social search engine and marketplace for local on-demand services, making it easy to find and connect with service providers. Discover Bunny AI

MYRENTBOAT – Find the Perfect Yacht Rental MYRENTBOAT offers a vast selection of online yacht rentals, allowing users to find the best deals for their nautical adventures. Browse MYRENTBOAT

WeFindFlats – Simplifying the Search for Accommodation WeFindFlats helps professionals and students find a place to live in Berlin, streamlining the process of finding accommodation. Visit WeFindFlats

Shopest – Discover Nearby Retail with Ease Shopest makes discovering nearby retail as fast and simple as online shopping, providing users with a seamless shopping experience. Explore Shopest

NAVA – Personalized City Exploration NAVA is a dependable city exploration application that personalizes content based on individual preferences and interests. Discover NAVA

Vybz App – Location-Based Social Networking for Students Vybz App leverages location-based social experiences to support student networking and discover new people and places. Join Vybz App

Serendipity – Uncovering Local Experiences with Ease Serendipity is a mobile app that uncovers local experiences and helps users connect with their surroundings in a meaningful way. Explore Serendipity

Global Language Solution LTD – Professional Language Translation Services Global Language Solution provides professional language translation services, bridging communication gaps across languages. Visit Global Language Solution

Zappel – Spontaneous Connections via Hyperlocal Informal Events Zappel is a mobile app that connects humans through hyperlocal informal events, fostering spontaneous connections in the physical world. Discover Zappel

Laika Network – Monetizing Online Videos for Content Owners Laika Network helps content owners manage and monetize their online videos, empowering them to generate revenue from their content. Learn about Laika Network

MAZE – Connecting People through Location-Aware Devices MAZE utilizes an ecosystem of location-aware devices to connect people, leveraging a proprietary algorithm for meaningful connections. Explore MAZE

ServBetter – Connecting Service Providers with Service Seekers ServBetter is a service marketplace that connects expert service providers with service seekers, saving users time and money. Discover ServBetter


London’s location-based services startups are revolutionizing the way we connect, explore, and engage with the city. Whether it’s enhancing social interactions on the London Underground, discovering local services on-demand, or personalizing city exploration, these startups are leveraging technology to make our lives easier and more enriching. As London continues to be a hub for innovation, these location-based services startups are at the forefront, shaping the future of how we navigate and interact with our surroundings. The future looks promising as these startups push boundaries and unlock new possibilities for seamless and personalized experiences in the city of London.

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