Navigating the Chemical Labyrinth: The CIRS Global Regulatory Conference

September 2, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • CIRS Global Regulatory Conference to be held on October 5, 2023, in London.
  • A must-attend event for professionals in the chemicals industry, especially those looking to enter new markets.
  • Nine in-depth presentations will cover challenges and updates from various regions including the EU, UK, Turkey, South Korea, and China.
  • Panel discussions to focus on sustainable development and supply chain challenges.
  • A unique networking opportunity to meet governmental and industry representatives.

About CIRS Group

The CIRS Group is a pioneering product safety and regulatory consulting firm with a rich history of international reach. Established in 2007, it was the first company in China to offer support for EU REACH registrations. Currently, it dominates 70% of the Chinese chemical consulting market and stands as a major representative of Chinese manufacturing. With its headquarters in Hangzhou, China, the group has extended its tentacles globally with subsidiaries in Ireland, South Korea, the UK, and the USA.

Why the CIRS Global Regulatory Conference is Unmissable

Confused by the ever-changing chemical regulatory landscape? CIRS aims to be your guiding light with its one-day Global Regulatory Conference. This summit is open to a wide array of professionals—manufacturers, distributors, and especially regulatory affairs managers—in the chemicals industry.

“Do you want to meet industry experts to understand more about your obligations globally and share your experiences?” Then this is the place to be. With nine presentations from industry stalwarts, this conference aims to make sense of a complex and continually changing field.

A Lineup of Expert Speakers

The event will feature respected figures from various corners of the globe. Speakers will include Marko Susnik, senior advisor at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber; Alastair Gardner, a trade specialist in chemicals export from the UK’s Department for Business and Trade; and Ian Cranshaw, head of international trade and regions at the Chemical Industries Association.

These experts will delve into a range of topics including regulatory changes and challenges across different geographies like the EU, UK, Turkey, South Korea, and China.

Insightful Panel Discussions

The conference is not just about presentations; it also aims to foster dialogue. There will be two panel discussions centered around the very core of the chemical industry’s future: sustainable development and supply chain challenges. Panelists like Greta Waissi, vice president and head of regulatory affairs at NordShield, and Pierre Germain, technical and regulatory affairs manager at the European Association of Chemical Distributors, will share their expert insights.

“There will be plenty of time to network and raise your questions with our amazing roster of speakers and panelists,” promises the conference invite.

A Melting Pot of Networking Opportunities

One of the most compelling aspects of this conference is the unparalleled networking opportunity it presents. Representatives from governmental bodies and various industry associations will be in attendance. These include the British Adhesives and Sealant Association (BASA), Chemical Business Association (CBA), Chemical Hazard Communication Society (CHCS), Chemicals Northwest, European Association of Chemical Distributors (Fecc), Irish Association of Chemicals & Ingredients (IACI), and British Coatings Federation (BCF).

Final Thoughts

In a world where chemical regulations are more intricate and dynamic than ever, staying informed is not just beneficial—it’s vital. The CIRS Global Regulatory Conference provides an invaluable platform for education, dialogue, and networking in this complex landscape. Whether you’re a manufacturer, a distributor, or a regulatory affairs manager looking to expand into new markets, mark October 5 on your calendar. The event promises to equip you with the insights and contacts necessary to navigate the labyrinthine world of chemical regulations effectively.

For further details, you can reach out to the organizers or check the event’s official website.

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