Navigating the Fast Lane: FullCircl’s Latest Enhancements Optimize Financial Decision-making

September 2, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • FullCircl unveils a slew of new capabilities designed to accelerate time to revenue for financial institutions.
  • Integrations with ComplyAdvantage and Experian expand the range and depth of risk assessment and compliance tools.
  • FullCircl’s COO Justin Fitzpatrick emphasizes that these upgrades will greatly improve customer acquisition and onboarding processes.
  • The upgrades mark FullCircl’s ongoing commitment to providing actionable insights for businesses in financially regulated sectors.

About FullCircl

FullCircl is a Customer Lifecycle Intelligence (CLI) platform with a specific aim to expedite and enhance the way B2B companies in financially regulated industries operate. Born out of a merger between Artesian Solutions and DueDil, FullCircl has garnered support from high-profile investors such as Octopus Investments, Notion Capital, and Augmentum Fintech. Serving 600 customers and 15,000 users, it offers solutions that simplify customer acquisition, retention, and compliance processes. For more information, visit their official website.

The Need for Speed: Time to Revenue

The phrase “time is money” is more than just a cliché in the high-stakes, fast-paced world of financial institutions. COO Justin Fitzpatrick stated, “Time to revenue is an increasingly key metric for financial institutions.” With FullCircl’s latest upgrades, the aim is clear: to remove as many roadblocks as possible in customer acquisition and onboarding. This enables financial institutions to significantly accelerate their operations while maintaining strong levels of compliance and risk mitigation.

What’s New? The FullCircl Summer Release Features

ComplyAdvantage PEPs and Sanctions API Integration

Compliance with international regulations can often be a logistical nightmare. FullCircl’s new feature of integrating ComplyAdvantage’s API allows for seamless and effective screening against global watchlists. This tool aids in identifying Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and sanctioned entities, thus enhancing risk management strategies.

Experian Delphi Score Upgrade and API Integration

Credit scores are foundational to any financial transaction, and outdated or incorrect data can be costly. The new Experian Delphi Score upgrade provides enhanced credit scoring, and its real-time API integration ensures accurate and current data, making lending decisions more reliable than ever.

Improved Customer Monitoring

The platform now offers new credit and risk-based triggers aimed at proactive identification and mitigation of potential risks. Financial institutions can leverage these triggers to respond more agilely to emerging threats and opportunities, thereby making smarter business choices.

Competitive Differentiation Through Intelligent Insights

FullCircl’s latest features are not merely about compliance and efficiency. They are also geared to offer a significant competitive edge to financial institutions. Fitzpatrick pointed out that the new enhancements “are designed to eliminate many of the challenges so detrimental to the speed and efficiency of customer acquisition and onboarding processes, enabling our customers to improve compliance and risk mitigation, and enjoy greater levels of competitive differentiation, efficiency, and revenue growth.”

A Rich Legacy and a Promising Future

Formed as a merger of two renowned names—Artesian Solutions and DueDil—FullCircl is backed by some of the most well-known investors in the industry. This rich history, coupled with the innovative solutions it provides, makes FullCircl a frontrunner in offering actionable insights for businesses. Their new features, as part of their Summer Release, underscore their commitment to this mission.

Conclusions: FullCircl Continues to Close the Circle

FullCircl’s updates come as a refreshing commitment to innovation in a financial ecosystem often perceived as slow-moving when it comes to technology adoption. The platform’s ability to offer comprehensive solutions for customer acquisition, risk mitigation, and compliance showcases how FullCircl continues to be a significant player in the B2B financial technology space.

As Fitzpatrick aptly noted, these enhancements will not only address but also “eliminate many of the challenges” that are detrimental to financial businesses. In a world where every second counts, FullCircl’s summer upgrades are a giant leap toward a more efficient, compliant, and competitive future for financial institutions.

For further details, you can read their official product release blog.

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