Navigating the Future: The New Leadership Brigade at HH Global

August 26, 2023

Key Takeaways

  1. HH Global announces three major new leadership appointments: Kristian Elgey as Group President, Helen Babbe as Chief Operating Officer, and Ben Goodband as Chief Financial Officer.
  2. Kristian Elgey, with an impactful history in finance and business growth, is poised to continue shaping the company’s advancements.
  3. Helen Babbe will focus on client-centric operations with a global approach, bolstering impact across all stakeholders.
  4. Ben Goodband brings to the table his vast experience in senior financial roles and strategic corporate leadership.

About HH Global

HH Global is a tech-enabled creative production and procurement partner with global reach. Housing over 4,500 experts across different markets, the company boasts a thirty-year track record of delivering robust, sustainable growth for some of the world’s biggest brands. With a cutting-edge supply chain, a growing array of tech tools, and rich data insights, HH Global is redefining what it means to turn brilliant ideas into global phenomena.

The Changing Face of Leadership at HH Global

Kristian Elgey: The New Group President

Kristian Elgey is no stranger to the leadership corridors of HH Global. Having been with the company since 2016, Kristian has played an essential role as the Group CFO in shaping the firm’s business advancements. Now stepping into the position of Group President, his rich experience in finance, growth strategies, and company culture is set to further propel HH Global’s trajectory.

Helen Babbe: Spearheading Operations as the New COO

A valued member of the Group Management Board, Helen Babbe has been promoted to the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Helen’s focus will be on cultivating client-centric operations that take a consistently global approach. This strategic orientation aims to magnify the impact for all partners, colleagues, and clients involved with HH Global.

Ben Goodband: Steering Finances and Strategy as the CFO

The newest addition to the leadership team is Ben Goodband, who has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Ben carries an impressive portfolio of global senior financial roles, enhanced by a robust background in strategic corporate leadership and investor relations. He is expected to play a critical role in achieving the company’s future strategic priorities.

What These Appointments Mean for HH Global’s Future

Aligning Strategy with Market Needs

As HH Global continues to expand its footprint, it is crucial to adapt its strategy and organizational design to keep pace with an ever-changing and increasingly demanding marketplace. These new leadership appointments signify a conscious effort to re-calibrate the company’s strategic compass.

Amplifying Client-Centricity

Helen Babbe’s role as COO will be pivotal in amplifying the company’s focus on client-centric operations. By adopting a global approach to operations, HH Global aims to maximize value and impact for its diverse set of stakeholders, further solidifying its standing as a go-to partner for brands around the world.

Fortifying Financial and Strategic Foundations

Ben Goodband’s entry as CFO is more than a personnel change; it is a statement of intent. Given his history in strategic corporate leadership, Ben is expected to provide the financial acumen and strategic direction that will be key to HH Global’s sustained growth and success.

The Road Ahead: Agility, Growth, and Innovation

The trio of new leaders brings a wealth of experience, vision, and specialized skills to HH Global. As the company navigates through the dynamic terrains of tech-enabled creative production and global procurement, these appointments provide a renewed sense of direction and purpose.

The new leadership team is not just geared for the immediate future; it’s calibrated for long-term resilience and sustainable growth. With these appointments, HH Global aims to maintain its agility, foster innovation, and continue delivering unparalleled value to clients and partners alike.

As the business landscape continues to evolve, HH Global stands prepared not just to adapt, but to lead the way in creative production and procurement solutions across the globe. This leadership shake-up isn’t just about new titles; it’s about new horizons, newer possibilities, and a future teeming with opportunities.

It’s not just another chapter in HH Global’s growth story—it’s a whole new volume. And with such dedicated, competent leaders at the helm, the journey ahead promises to be as remarkable as the legacy they continue.

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