Navigating the New Energy Landscape: KWA Analytics and Orchestrade Forge a Powerhouse Partnership

September 2, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Strategic Partnership: Orchestrade and KWA Analytics have teamed up to deliver top-notch Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) systems globally.
  • Timely Move: The partnership comes at a pivotal time, considering the radical shifts in energy markets and the increasing focus on Net Zero targets.
  • Combined Strengths: Orchestrade’s award-winning ETRM solutions and KWA’s stellar track record in system implementation promise a transformative experience for clients.

About KWA Analytics and Orchestrade

KWA Analytics is a technology services and advisory firm specializing in trading and risk management applications. With expertise in successful implementations across commodity and capital markets, the firm has carved out a unique niche in the industry.

Orchestrade is a leading risk management platform providing comprehensive, cross-asset solutions from front to back for energy trading firms and major financial institutions. Their platform has received multiple awards, including the “Best Middle Office Solution” at the FTF News Technology Innovation Awards 2023.

The Strategic Alliance: Engineering Quality and Expertise

Energy markets are in the midst of a transformation, spurred by geopolitical events and sustainability goals. Companies are increasingly turning to digital tools to navigate this new landscape. Orchestrade and KWA Analytics, both powerhouses in their respective sectors, have recognized the need for a game-changing solution that offers both sophisticated technology and implementation expertise.

“Dale Emmerson, Global Lead – ETRM, at Orchestrade, said: “Orchestrade has always been focused on engineering the highest quality software and this partnership provides clients with access to a step-change ETRM platform combined with world-leading project implementation.”

The Right Time: Why This Partnership Matters Now

Energy markets have seen unprecedented changes, primarily driven by the push for Net Zero and significant geopolitical events. This volatility has made effective trading and risk management systems more crucial than ever. However, implementing new ETRM platforms is not a simple task; it often involves complex, cross-asset considerations. This partnership promises to alleviate such challenges by offering an integrated, world-class ETRM solution.

Sharing the Vision: A United Front for an Evolving Market

Both Orchestrade and KWA Analytics are motivated by a shared vision to improve the client experience in the trading and risk management community. Phil Walsh, Director at KWA, expressed his excitement about the collaboration:

“We very much share Orchestrade’s vision of the combined value of their open, highly performant architecture and KWA’s track record of service delivery for sophisticated trading systems. I’m very excited to welcome Orchestrade to the leading systems that we provide services for. The opportunity to provide the trading and risk management community with an expanded range of high-value system implementation, integration, and advisory services is the key strategic aim of KWA.”

Beyond the Partnership: What Lies Ahead

The joint venture between Orchestrade and KWA Analytics is not merely a one-off deal but a strategic alliance aimed at enduring challenges and creating sustainable solutions. As energy markets continue to evolve, both companies are well-poised to capitalize on emerging opportunities, offering clients the tools and expertise to thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

Dale Emmerson, Global Lead – ETRM, at Orchestrade, summed up the enthusiasm on both sides: “We are both motivated to improve the client experience. I have known the leadership team of KWA for a number of years and have always been impressed by their deep business and technical expertise around ETRM and their reputation in the market around client delivery.”

In conclusion, the partnership between KWA Analytics and Orchestrade promises to be a turning point for energy companies seeking to modernize their trading and risk management systems. As these two giants join forces, they offer not just a service but a transformative experience, setting a new industry standard for quality, innovation, and client satisfaction.

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