nChain and Unisot in Strategic Partnership to boost Supply Chain Traceability

February 20, 2023

nChain, a global leader in the creation and delivery of Web3 solutions through Research and Development and the implementation of blockchain technology, today announces the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with UNISOT, a leading Platform as a Service enabling supply chain traceability.

UNISOT’s Web3 Supply Chain Traceability & Sustainability platform allows all actors within the supply chain to be part of the “track and trace” journey, ultimately benefitting the end consumer by providing multiple types of information such as the origin and provenance of the products, the environmental impact of their sourcing, or their quality and safety through a Digital Product Passport.

The solution is perfectly aligned with the new EC Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence (CSDD) regulations including the EC Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) and the Digital Product Passport (DPP), proposed and mandated by the European Commission in its aim to create transparency and unlock circularity. According to the EC, most companies will be impacted by these regulations in the next few years, as consumers demand more sustainable and better-informed choices.

nChain’s CEO Christen Ager-Hanssen commented: “Our blockchain technology is revolutionising many areas of everyday life. With UNISOT, we are particularly proud of being able to provide the technology for a solution that allows full transparency of the supply chain as well as 360 global interoperability from the source to the recycling point. The implementation of UNISOT’s unique Web3 solution will become widespread across all products within a few years, and we are delighted to partner with UNISOT from the early stages of their growth journey.”

Stephan Nilsson, CEO and Co-founder, UNISOT, said: “nChain is the partner of choice for us for several reasons. First and foremost, for their unprecedented expertise, experience, and dedication to R&D around public blockchain technology. This will give us the resources we need to excel and scale up globally as well as have access to the core blockchain technologies that enable us to continue building unmatched enterprise applications with the superior characteristics of the BSV Blockchain, Scalability, Integrity, Availability and Efficiency, and most importantly for its Stability. Enabling us to increase adoption manyfold in a shorter period of time.”

UNISOT’s Web3 platform enables supply chain players of all sizes to participate in the global information flow, from small farmers to multinational giants to consumers. By allowing the monetization of information through nano-transactions, new revenue streams incentivise companies to exchange important information on the global data layer which is the public BSV Blockchain. Furthermore, the BSV Blockchain offers unlimited scalability and already allows for approximately 100,000 transactions per second, making it the most cost and energy-efficient public ledger in the world.

About nChain

Founded in 2015 and with offices in London (UK), Zug (Switzerland), Ljubljana and Maribor (Slovenia), Stockholm (Sweden), and Manila (Philippines), we are the DNA of Blockchain.

nChain unleashes the potential of blockchain technology through ongoing research and development of inventions, including the maintenance of a robust patent portfolio, and by offering software, IP licensing and consulting services across several industries, including iGaming, supply chain, and finance.

nChain also offers Web3 solutions in the digital payment space, along with professional services that assist enterprises of all types to benefit from blockchain technology. nChain currently has almost 2,800 registered patent applications of which approximately 500 have been granted and is the developer behind the Bitcoin SV Node software, Teranode, LiteClient, Kensei and more.


Founded in 2018 and with HQ in Oslo Norway. UNISOT is building Web3 Supply Chain Traceability & Sustainability solutions, and Triple Entry Accounting & Auditing tools, based on using the public BSV Blockchain as a “Universal Source Of Truth.” Their UNISOT Web3 platform and their Smart Digital Twin technology enable companies of all sizes to seamlessly integrate their business processes, in ERP, Production, Transport and IoT systems, to a common global data layer and enable them to monetize their information by nano-transactions, incentivising data exchange.

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