Network Rail Adopts CACI’s Cygnum Software for Efficient Workforce Training

July 9, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Network Rail will use CACI’s Cygnum software to plan and administer training for its 43,000-strong workforce.
  • Cygnum software will enable efficient course creation, staff allocation, communication planning, and tracking of training results.
  • The move aims to achieve a more efficient and streamlined training program for Network Rail’s employees.

Network Rail Leverages CACI’s Cygnum Software for Training Management

CACI has announced that its Cygnum software has been adopted by Network Rail as the primary planning and administration solution for training its 43,000 employees. The software is designed to manage all aspects of Network Rail’s training process, from the automated creation of courses based on demand and intelligent allocation of staff, trainers, and resources to courses, to communication planning and optimizing changes.

Cygnum will assist Network Rail in gaining a comprehensive view of all its training programs and their results, thereby realizing efficiencies across the process and ensuring all staff are appropriately trained. The software logs attendance and results of courses, sends course invitations and joining instructions to Network Rail staff, and takes action on any necessary follow-ups.

“We are delighted that Network Rail has chosen CACI’s Cygnum software to support and underpin its training planning and administration process,” says Ollie Watson, Group Business Development Director at CACI. He added that they look forward to supporting Network Rail in achieving a more efficient and streamlined training program that delivers necessary and ongoing training to its workforce optimally.

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