New Skincare Range Enabling Aman’s Unique Luxurious Experiences to be Enjoyed at Home Implemented Through Partnership Between KOSÉ and Aman

January 13, 2023

KOSÉ Corporation (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Kazutoshi Kobayashi) has cooperated with Aman Group SARL,. (Headquarters: Switzerland; CEO: Vlad Doronin) in the development of a new skincare range, Aman Essential Skin (five products) from Aman’s lifestyle brand with global reach, Aman Essentials, and has started producing the products under an OEM contract (manufacture of other companies’ brand products). The products will be available from January 11, 2023 in 20 countries, including Japan, and will also be used in treatments at Aman Tokyo and other Aman Spas around the world.

In KOSÉ’s medium-to-long-term VISION 2026, we committed to “Evolving into a company with a global presence.” We also defined our mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders*1 as KOSÉ Beauty Partnership, and are working together with those stakeholders to evolve into a company with a global presence, explore new possibilities in beauty, and create a unique cosmetics culture and new value. Furthermore, in relationship-building with customers, we have added the words “gender” and “generation” to “global” to form the acronym “3G” as an area for expanding our customers, and are promoting the creation of a borderless and gender- and age-neutral fan base.

The relationship between Aman and KOSÉ commenced with the launch of facial and body treatments2* using AQ MELIORITY items, the best product line of DECORTÉ, KOSÉ’s high-prestige brand, in 2021 starting at Amanyangyun (China) in October, Aman Spa at The Connaught (UK) in November, Aman Le Mélézin (France) and Aman Tokyo (Japan) in December. Since then, the partnership between the parties has advanced, and Aman Essential Skin will now be launched, with KOSÉ cooperating in the development and contracted as OEM of the products. The products are a highly-functional skincare range for people of a wide range of ages, regardless of gender, combining the worldview of Aman, which caters to its clients’ needs through luxurious and extraordinary experiences, with KOSÉ’s manufacturing, which provides reliable functionality and quality.

Aman Essential Skin is focused on damage*3 caused by external environmental factors such as UV rays and dryness that are unavoidable in our daily lives no matter where we are in the world. Combined with ancient purple rice bran extract*4 and indigo extract*5, two plant ingredients that have long been treasured in Japan, these skincare products lead to moisturized, supple and glowing skin. The formulations are designed to be free of fragrance, alcohol (ethyl alcohol), parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, and gluten, while providing a luxurious and comfortable feel.

Clarifying Milk Cleanser  (150mL) $80

A milk cleanser that softens and spreads to remove makeup and impurities without feeling heavy. Formulated with phytosterols*6, which have excellent moisturizing capacity, it removes dead skin cells and excess sebum while protecting moisture.

Skin Activating Toner  (150mL) $95

A lotion that gently removes impurities from the skin while moisturizing it. The low-stimulant formula contains lactic acid*7 and hyaluronic acid*8, which is a moisturizing component found naturally in the skin, for a smooth, fine-textured complexion.

Replenishing Face Serum  (30mL) $170

A serum that helps to treat damage such as rough skin and lack of elasticity and luster caused by UV rays, dryness and other external environmental factors. The fresh gel blends in instantly and penetrates deeply into skin, promoting a healthy, translucent complexion.

Radiance Face Cream  (50mL) $250

A rich, thick cream that envelops the skin in a veil of moisture, protecting it from dryness and other external stresses. Combined with camellia oil*9 and adenosine*10, it leads to supple and luminous skin.

Illuminating Eye Cream  (20mL) $270

An eye cream that is as smooth as silk and spreads without feeling heavy. Combined with caffeine*11 and peptides*12, it moisturizes the delicate eye area, providing firmness and luminosity.

With the OEM contract for this new skincare range, we will further deepen our partnership with Aman and support the luxurious and extraordinary experiences that Aman offers. At the same time, regarding this as an opportunity to make contact with new customers and other stakeholders around the world, we will evolve into a company with a global presence.

Comment from representatives of both companies

Kristina Romanova, CEO of Aman Essentials

The strategic vision and ambition for Aman Essentials, is to create a considered and timeless curation of the finest products which reflect the Aman way of living. The creation of Essential Skin marks the next phase in this journey, bringing our clients a targeted range of functional skincare which delivers exceptional results using gentle yet effective ingredients and fragrance-free formulations, focused on celebrating and preserving one’s natural beauty.

Personally, I have been fortunate to travel extensively, much like our clients, and I know the importance of having a routine which can reduce the impact of environmental stressors and keep the skin calm and nourished. Aman Essential Skin reflects this ambition and we have worked closely with KOSÉ for over two years to ensure the formulations are suitable for all skin types and specific need states, as well as being tactile and enjoyable to use, so the products will become a much-loved part of our clients’ everyday rituals and routines.

Kazutoshi Kobayashi, President & CEO of KOSÉ

KOSÉ focuses in its product manufacturing on creating products that are not only safe and reliable, but also always highly effective and provide the ultimate in comfort. Our uncompromising commitment to quality, which can be described as craftsmanship, and the selection of raw materials that make it possible for us to achieve that standard, have enabled us to consistently create innovative products and to be a leader in the Japanese market. Sharing Aman’s worldview of providing unique and luxurious experiences, it is a great honor for us, two years after we began working with Aman to create new value, to have this opportunity to give shape to that value as cosmetics.


Aman was founded in 1988 with the vision of building a collection of intimate retreats with the unassuming, warm hospitality of a gracious private home. The first, Amanpuri (place of peace), in Phuket, Thailand, introduced the concept and, since then, Aman has grown to encompass 34 exquisitely serene hotels and resorts in 20 destinations across the world, with a further nine projects in the pipeline. In such spectacular settings, Aman has honed its offering with its transformative influence on mind, body and spirit through harmoniously designed environments transporting guests out of their everyday lives. Twelve properties also offer private branded Residences: sanctuaries that go beyond commonplace notions of luxury allowing a select few to make the Aman way of life a permanent reality.

With innovation a cornerstone of the brand’s philosophy, in 2020 Aman welcomed a new hotel brand, Janu – meaning ‘soul’ in Sanskrit. Janu offers a unique take on hospitality where genuine human interaction, playful expression and social wellness are at the core of the experience. Janu aims to bring balance to the head and heart and rekindle the soul. Three forthcoming Janu hotels are already under construction: Tokyo; AlUla in Saudi Arabia and Montenegro.


Since 1988, Aman has offered its guests an opportunity to cast aside quotidian distractions and explore the possibilities of a better self. Today, encompassing 34 resorts, hotels, and private residences in 20 countries, the brand continues to seek out transformative experiences and awe-inspiring locations around the world offering an escape from the hectic pace of daily life.

Designed to continue Aman’s holistic journey outside the parameters of its hotels and resorts, Aman Skincare was born in 2018, making the brand’s coveted lifestyle accessible from the comfort of home for the very first time. Offering beautiful, scented formulas using powerful all-natural ingredients and inspired by Aman Spas, Aman Skincare’s success later led to the creation of Sva, a range of supplements designed to help maintain optimum health, and Aman Fine Fragrance, a collection of seven scents inspired by Aman destinations which launched in 2021. This sentiment was echoed a few months later, with the arrival of Ready-to-Wear, a collection of contemporary pieces designed to seamlessly fit into the wardrobe of any Aman guest.

Aman Essential Skin is the latest addition to Aman Skincare, comprising five products developed and produced in Japan which combine to create a functional and effective daily skincare routine supporting the natural skin barrier, encouraging deep hydration, and protecting from daily environmental stressors. In keeping with Aman’s journey towards sustainability Aman Essential Skin’s packaging has been designed with this in mind, utilizing glass and Biomass PET bottles, as well as 100% recycled paper and FSC certified paper. Additionally, the product information can be accessed via QR code, rather than a printed leaflet.

Today, each of these distinct verticals belong to Aman Essentials; a collection of everyday items created and inspired by the world of Aman. Aman Essentials is available exclusively online and in Aman boutiques across the globe.


Since its foundation in 1946, KOSÉ has developed its business, focused on manufacture and sales of cosmetics, to create a culture and values embodying a distinctive beauty through a sophisticated fusion of sensuousness and intelligence. In 1946, KOSÉ founder Kozaburo Kobayashi resolved to give hopes and dreams to people through the manufacture and sale of cosmetics, pouring his passion into always providing high quality products.

Over 75 years, from generation to generation, we have honored his intention, resolutely pursuing cosmetic brand marketing, research and development, and high quality, to give the world unique and highly safe products. We always tackle challenges above and beyond those of the past, striving to provide the new value that our customers seek.

With our strength in high prestige luxury cosmetics combining cutting-edge technologies, KOSÉ has expanded to 40 countries and regions, offering diverse original and valuable products in all of our 39 brand categories, from high-prestige brands, including DECORTÉ, prestige brands, such as SEKKISEI, through to cosmetaries*13. Furthermore, with our Corporate Message, “Creating Beauty in a Sustainable World,” as our sustainability policy, we incorporate this perspective in all our activities and advance manufacturing from the perspective of adaptability.

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